Any Roon DSP presets to share?

I would be delighted to see what you guys are doing with this new functionality and have fun testing some.

DSPing is pretty specific to users systems and rooms.

Crossfeed on for headphone users being an exception. If you use heaphones turn it on, you may like it if you are primarily a speaker listener.

Upsampling might be another possibility but all DACs may or may not see an improvement from upsampling.

Here is a thread on upsampling:

Unless you have something specific to fix in your system, turn DSPing off completely would be my advise.

I was more precisely thinking about Parametric EQ in addition to upsampling. Have been trying some bass boots.

Hi @Anders_Strengberg this is great. I’ll try tonight how it sounds with my system and will let you know. cheers.

It’s okay Steve,
I was in a bad mood yesterday so I couldn’t take it!
But it’s a great Roon DSP EQ so it’s not necessary to put many + - dB on a frequency, if it’s been bad when you have been writh!
But try to listening first next time and don’t judge by looking!


Posts wuthdrawn after a very friendly PM with Anders - my comment was certainly not meant to offend, but I can see how someone not knowing me could take it differently to how it was intended
All good, and best wishes to Anders.

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Thanks for your kind words @hifi_swlon :+1:

I hope that we can keep in touch, so I learn to now you.

All the best,

I’ve used 2 presets for 2 headphones from this site:
index/list_of_presets - oratory1990 (
It was a remarkable upgrade in listening experience!