Any way to Shuffle All in ARC?

Is there a way to Shuffle All tracks (or shuffle based on focus criteria, etc) in ARC?


Add everything to a playlist; they are shuffleable in Arc.

Is there a reasonably easy way to add everything to a play list? I have thousands of albums.

I’m sure they’ll do this in a future update. In the meantime, I’ve made a couple of large playlists and shuffle those.

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It’s pretty easy to add all albums to a playlist .(in Windows; I assume some similar steps would work on a Mac). I have over 5000 albums and this works for me

  1. In roon (not Arc) on Albums page have all albums you want to shuffle
  2. Right click on one of them to select it
  3. Ctrl-A to select all the albums
  4. Click on the three dot icon next to Play Now at the top of the screen
  5. Select Add to playlist
  6. Create new playlist (if you don’t have one already) or click on the one you want to add them to
  7. Should be good to go

Personally, I would prefer to use Booklmarks to do this (because they are dynamic rather than static, unlike playlists) but Arc does not yet have them. You can vote on their inclusion here Bookmarks on Roon arc.

I’ve done this, and it does work, provided you don’t have too many songs/albums. I’ve read that there is a limit of 5000 songs, but I don’t know. It’s a partial work around, but not a replacement for a “Shuffle All” feature.

I always think “wow, people must have less crazily heterogeneous tastes than I to want to shuffle all”.

My library includes the following, all in real volume (and typed from memory 'cause I listen to it all):

  • bop & post-bop jazz, with a focus on keyboard but really all-over
  • free jazz
  • classic rock
  • chamber music
  • opera
  • orchestral music
  • keyboard (piano, harpsichord & clavichord)
  • 80’s & 90s hip-hop
  • 80’s & 90’s hardcore and punk
  • ska, rocksteady, and dub
  • soul
  • indie rock
  • grunge (NW 90’s)
  • small amounts of electronica that I’ve really liked
    and on and on… though those are probably the big buckets.

If I shuffled all, it would be awful. Even I admit that. I have lots of good taste. But together it’s yuck.


This has always been my view of the shuffle I would dearly love to see Roon implement.
Not for playlist or similar but just to delve into my library and pick something at random as much because there is no way I can remember like 2% of what I own!
This is from discogs…

So, so simple😊

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I love that shake your phone to pick a random album feature in discogs.

I agree that shuffle all isn’t about playing all of our collection together, Johnny is right it would be a mess :joy:

It’s more of a pick something for me. Give us the discogs shake and I won’t care that we can’t shuffle our library.

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Im glad im not on my own here😁

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I love turning my entire heterogenous library into one big crazy “radio station” that I can just shuffle and then skip until I find a track I want to hear. I rarely can make a decsion about what I want to hear with forethought. Too many choices and I forget much of what I have.What I often do is create focus criteria and then shuffle all, but based on that focus criteria. This keeps it more focused than shuffle all on no focus criteria whatsoever.


Isn’t that what the Discovery section is for ?

Yup but that doesn’t exist on Arc.

True, forget this was about ARC. Too many Roon features not in ARC it’s far to basic in my opinion. I use Roon for its tools of which ARC has few of unfortunately.

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Well, personally I think Discovery is too buried in the main app too. I think it should exist as a carousel within genre & subgenre pages (contextually narrowed to what’s relevant + perhaps some minor adjacency), and a featured high level carousel on home, each of which links to the discover page as exists today. I am not the product owner, but I think Discover could be a great feature and a central one if invested in. And then it would be a natural for Arc too.


Is there any way to play all my tracks in shuffle mode in Arc? When I select “Tracks” I can only play one track.

As far as I can tell there is no “Play All” or “Play From Here” option. May have an easy fix that I’m overlooking.

Using Roon Arc 1.0.36 on a Samsung Fold 3 running Android 13 One UI 5.1

Thanks in advance

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Not at present, I would recommend voting for this feature in the link topic …

This has been mentioned in many posts now. It is ridiculous that the option was omitted. Let’s remember that ARC is generally intended to be used on portable devices, while away from your Roon Core, I’d imagine mostly while in a car. Are you really going to pull over every 30-45 minutes to select a new album to play? For me, it makes ARC a non-starter, I use Roon/Qobuz at home, then when away from home, Apple Music.


Yeah this is why I’m not using ARC very much. It would mostly be used in the car and I just want to play “something” from my library without a lot of muss of fuss. So for now, I continue to use YouTube Music in the car. If ARC got a shuffle feature like Roon app, I would probably use it a lot more.

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