Anyone got the FiiO M11 yet

so how you finding it?

Bit early to tell as I haven’t really been mobile with it yet, as that was its main purchase reason.

Interface is fast but still getting my head around the menu system.

Biggest stumbling block is getting files onto it, tho I’m getting the hang of that more now, tho some options seem to be troublesome like the browser based file transfer which seems to be not working at all.

Spotify and tidal seem to work pretty well. And downloading for offline playback will be the main thing there for sitting on a plane. Roon has some issue with just stopping or disappearing as a zone but I have yet to get some decent troubleshooting thus far on that front.

I’ll have a day each way traveling to the states this month so will have enough tunes on it by then to really get into it.

Hopefully my custom IEM’s will be back in play for that trip too.

Had a good idea…use the IEM’s on the plane and put the Sony wh1000x-m3 over the top to block out even more noise in noise cancelling mode. :smile:

using for BT receiver (to my iMac) to watch YouTube is hopeless as there is like a ~1sec delay for the audio. Music of course probably doesn’t matter

I’ve tried Tidal in offline and it works. It also works for both HiFi and Masters. You can let Tidal app decode MQA and pass bit perfect to the internal DAC of M11 (up to 96k)

Yes 24/96 seems about as good it’s going for streaming and roon. Dsd up to 256 is fine too on native or all dsd setting too I think.

Will play some more in the coming days.

The Wifi transfer is pretty cool but it dumps all files into a single folder. They do get categorized correctly by artist and album in the FiiO music app. I discovered you have to drag and drop to get it to work.

Using the Android File Transfer App on the Mac seems to do the trick most of the time…I ran into an issue with Tidal after I installed it as there was no SD card in the unit so the Tidal library filled the entire 32GB of internal ROM space…so I had to uninstall Tidal then reinstall and tell it to use the SD card space. I think Ill need another 256GB SD card or a 512 next time around.

It has crashed on me once tho playing Tidal it just powered off when I tapped the power/sleep button to turn off the display.

Otherwise quite happy with things. Got a DD11 leather case for it. Paired with the latest FiiO FH7 IEM’s and waiting for a Han Sound Audio Zen 8 cable with MMCX connectors and that will complete my traveling kit.

Oh my Stealth Sonics C4’s are back and due to be collected on Monday so see if the fit is better this time.

Also grabbed a pair of Sony WH-1000X-M3 ANC headphones to wear when I am on the plane…to help the engine noise…totally geeked out hahahaha…They can also use LDAC to the M11 BT of I get tired of the IEM’s

Ordered a Fiio M11 friday, should be here tomorrow. Can’t wait to give it a whirl with the FH7s. Did you mention you had a pair @wizardofoz ? if so, what’s the sound with the M11 like?

(Actually I didn’t get on with the pairing of FH7 and my X7ii, too brittle sounding, hence the upgrade(?) to the M11)

Well fwiw I have moderate hearing loss and not much above 8khz according to my hearing specialist…so a little bright probably will sound better to (or for) me.

I have a few IEM’s now and like the FH7 a lot out of all of them. My customs I can’t fully comment on as they are not with me yet after some final reshaping to be done.

I just wish that larger SD capacities were more plentiful and affordable. Right now I only have 1 x 256gb to use and it’s 90% full, but I could probably drop out all the dsd files and get 4 x the number of tracks on it. Downloading a good amount of tidal albums too for my trip.

Did you try changing the tuning tips… the Green Red and Black have different treble pass levels. Im using the green which stop not much treble at all… Black stops more and Red even more treble. worth a try.

Hi. Sorry for late reply. Just catching up.

I received my m11 a few days ago. Blooming marvelous.

Great synergy with the FH7s.

A really slick player too. Now we just need a good Roon on the go system to load on to it… :rofl:

PS… No, not changed the filters. I just put on the least obstructive ones and the sound’s so good, Im not fiddling further. Using Comply foams.

PPS… I have a couple of 400gb cards over from my X7ii which do good service… Never enough though, lol. DSD’s and 192 are just too juicy!

I’ve been trying find larger SD cards but 256 is my lot at this time.

I did a mass export of all sorts of stuff from nas to fill up 2 cards. Around 9k tracks

Got my custom IEM’s and now fit for travel. Plus offlining a good selection from tidal and Spotify

Be warned the language gets a bit rough…but love the way this guy reviews

and the FH7’s both in my on the road travel kit now…happy days

Not having much luck with anything above 48k playback…I’ll keep trying tho

Tidal downloads/offline can’t seem to manage with determining the 2 SD cards individually so have to remove the other card when adding or removing tidal offline content. Spotify app seems to do better.

Roon works well enough bar the lack of full access to the dacs - not sure if it’s a roon or FiiO os issue.

It’s Roon if imagine , it won’t work properly until they update the Android apps code to be bit perfect and recognise DAC’s. Even though the FiiO os bypasses system audio, Roon still thinks its a bog standard android device so you only get system audio signal path and does not see the DAC. It might pass through ok but Roon has no idea the DACs connected or its abilities.

Well it’s not a primary listening device for roon so I’m not too bothered by lack of full bitrates.

Haven’t tried to see what it will do mapped to my nas music share or if that is even doable. But I think maybe as a DAC on Usb it could be ok.

Hi, to those who tried Roon on FiiO M11, I’m wondering if the Remote functions works well. So, is it convenient to use this device to drive another Roon Zone/endpoint on the network or you can only use it to listen music on the M11 ? Is it convenient on such a way ?


yes it works fine as a remote. Even the little M6 from fiio works great as a remote (see my avatar, lol :slight_smile: ) . I have both M6 and M11 so can vouch for both as remotes.

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Hmmm. Since Roon won’t download Tidal for offline listening, can you use Tidal to download music to the M11 and then have Roon play it back on other end-points? That would be cool.

Sadly the tidal downloads into encrypted (I think) folders. Same for Spotify too on the M11

Tidal seems to have issues on the m11 too with dual sd cards that it can’t tell the difference between the 2 cards and reports the same space free for both slots.

V1.07 FiiO firmware just released but dint fix that problem but some other things fixed.

No service allows the offline files to be used outside of their own app. Its a prerequisite of their licensing agreements.

Thanks. I have an M7, but haven’t put Tidal on it. Also, the Roon didn’t see the M7 when attached to the USB on the Nucleus. I’m kind of sitting on the fence waiting until A&K or someone else announces a DAP with a 512G memory that could function as my Roon storage folder, so I can just take my music with me everywhere. I also guess I will have to separately put downloaded Tidal music on the DAP and the same music in my Roon library.