Anyone know if Windows 10 update, 1703, messed with ASIO?

Windows 10 installed update version 1703 last night. My ASIO output doesn’t seem to work anymore. WASAPI is fine, but I can’t get my DAC to play via ASIO in either Roon or JRiver. (The DAC is a Denon DA-300USB.) Roon says the device failed to initialize. Everything was fine until the update, so the Windows update is my only guess as to the cause.

Thanks for any input anyone may have!

Don’t know if it’s the same thing, but I went to play to my iFi Micro iDSD last night via ASIO, and it wasn’t working either :confused: WASAPI still works fine.

Same build of Windows 10.

Power down the DAC’s and remove the usb connection then reconnect and power up the dac…that fixed my oppo connection

That solves 99% of all problems, but not this one unfortunately.

Someone reported the N version required updated media pack… search windows 10 N maybe

Not sure if it will help

I got issue with Fostex desktop USB-DAC HP-A4 ASIO driver, reinstalling seems to resolve the issue. In the manufacturer webpage, they said to hold off installing Windows 10 Anniversary Edition and Creator Update.