Anyone using Roon with MacOS Catalina developer beta?

(Will Pisula) #1

Is anyone using Roon with a Catalina developer beta? Any issues? Thanks.

Music app in Mac Os 10.15
(Karen Hughes) #2

Yes, no issues so far. I’ve tried it on a laptop and iPad and Roon seems fine on both. But there are rough edges to the betas so I’d be wary of installing it unless you have other devices to rely on.

(Ira Chavis) #3

With Catalina i no longer have access to folders that may be stored on external drives… in the storage settings it says that the folders are empty and if i go to edit them, it shows unauthorized access to those folders on external drives. I tried adding Roon with Full Disk access to security/privacy settings and it won’t work. so i can only access music that is stored on my primary disk … not sure how to add folder access at this point.


Same here. My fault for updating. Seems Catalina now requires apps to ask permission to access external drives (I’ve gotten dialogue boxes asking for permission for Google Drive, Drop Box, etc.). I tried to find a way to grant authorization to Roon through system preferences, fixing permissions, security/privacy, but no luck.

(Ira Chavis) #5

Yup. I think it is specially called "removable drive’ access. well, at least i can listen to 1/2 my music :frowning:

(Dilip Sreshta) #6

Can you import itunes music and playlists ?

(Dilip Sreshta) #7

Now that Mac os 10.15 public beta is released

How do I import albums and playlists from Apple music?


My guess is Music app related functionality will not be (officially) available from Roon before the official (“golden master”) Catalina release.


Restarted my iMac this morning and one of my three external drives with music on them is now available to Roon. I haven’t changed anything and there have been no new system updates, so I’m not sure why, but it’s a good sign.

(Alberto Arebalos) #10

Same here. Waiting for the second beta t see if it fixes, but I guess we will have to wait…

(Ira Chavis) #11

Room will have to fix their app to request folder and removable drive permissions I think , the Next beta version f Catalina will not fix an app issue I believe , hope im wrong , I downgraded to Mojave and won’t install till it is closer to release