Apple airport time capsule problem [solved]


I want to attach my airport time capsule disk into roon network

But Roon says the file path is already in use on your system’

If I tried to type different smb-line , the error I mentioned above would be gone but this time roon analyzed the folder but it couldn’t find any music in my folder .

I want to know that ;Is it possible to use airport time capsule disk with roon or not ??

Any help would be greatly appreciated…

Are you able to type the SMB address into Finder under Go > Connect To Server and connect successfully?

If that doesn’t work you may need to confirm that the Time Capsule is configured to use SMB.

Also, can you confirm the details of your system? Is the Time Capsule mounted in OSX?

The problem was ‘shared’ directory in the airport time capsule drive

When I indexed a new directory inside the drive,Roon achieved to analyze the music .

The problem solved.

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