Apple Folk ... how to keep iMac awake?

I’m going to try using an external hdd to hold my music, instead of my NAS. I hear that will speed up finding new music, right?

But my 2019 Mac keeps falling asleep. I checked the box that tells it not to, and enabled network access, doesn’t seem to work. Any thoughts ? Am I doing something wrong? The iMac seems to work well as a core but I want it always available without having to wake it up.


I’m not a MAC person so have no idea if this is compatible but this programme has been mentioned in the forum.

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Ged, perfect!!! Thank you!!

Used it too but look at


I use AntiSleep (freeware) and works fine with my MacBook pro.

That looks great. I’ll give it a shot. If I can keep my Mac awake, then I can just use my music on my attached drive

What do you mean with ‘sleep’? Computer goes to sleep or just the screen?

Not quite sure why you need a separate app; I use System Preferences - Power Saver - prevent machine sleeping when screen is off


Ian for some reason it hasn’t worked.

Well that is disappointing. Could you see if it is respecting the sleep times at all. So if you set the sleep at 3 hours does it work, and then choose never from the slider. Also uncheck sleep the disc.

Someone suggested Amphetamine app–works perfectly!

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On you or the computer? 🤸🤸🤸

Is there a difference?:grin:

I too use the Amphetamine app in combination with Roon to keep my iMac awake and Roon full screen visible.

Triggers are set that when I switch to the Roon screen page then the sleep is disabled. And when I switch away from Roon then the sleep is enabled again.

Switching goes very easy via ctrl+arrow left/right.

Works great.

I have it set so no sleep when roon app open. Also works well.

Have you been happy with your Mac as a core?

I have a Nucleus as Core.
On the Mac I do the library management, browsing, etc.

When enjoying music I use the iMac as cover display while an iPad mini is used as control.

Ah yes, that is right. The trigger is that roon comes to the foreground or leaves the foreground.

As I use roon in full screen mode, switching to this screen brings roon to the foreground. etc.

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For me the Roon app itself prevents the iMac from sleeping. You can see this in the activity monitor app energy tab. Not sure why it’s different for you.

Is there a way to do this but also to be able to close the MacBook lid?

Try Amphetamine app. It’s free!