Apple TV Extension - Roon TV Remote

I’ve been wondering how to get my TV to display the ROON artwork forever.

Today I chanced upon an article that showed me how to have a different audio input | different video input for my Marantz receiver. So that was a good step one. I have 2 video inputs on the Marantz NR1200 via HDMI - a Firestick and an older AppleTV (I think the HD version).

For step two I looked for browsers for the AppleTV (thought I’d use the web cast feature of ROON) but there are no browsers available.
I then searched for ROON on the AppleTV (just did, no idea why) and found the ROON TV Remote app. Installed it and a few clicks later - am up and running.

My music setup:
ROON core on a iMac 2014 modified with a SSD ----->
----> Connected to a Topping E30 DAC via HDMI ----->
----> Connected to Marantz NR1200 via RCA cable ---->
----> connected to speakers

Marantz -----> TV via HDMI ARC
Marantz ----> Firestick (and AppleTV HD) connected via HDMI inputs

You can activate different video / audio options on the Marantz as shown here:

So now my ROON plays music to my speakers as before AND I can turn on the TV and AppleTV and now view the artwork and have basic controls of my ROON library as well. All using the “TV:Remote App”

@R_102 thank you so much


Thanks @Bill_Barol, Re the zone group/ungroup. You’re not missing it, its an omission on my part.

Got it. Thanks.


Your Apple TV Extension is featured in Darko’s latest video:


That was a terrific review. Well-deserved for the app. App really adds something to the Roon experience.


Nice spot, chuffed to see it getting featured :grinning:


Well deserved. :+1:

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I found this app from the Darko video! Love it already. Any lyrics on there any time soon? :smiley:


hi, before i go and buy and apple tv4k can you pls tell me if this can be used just to display roon content for whatever is playing on roon - without actually streaming the audio to the apple tv?

You do not need to use this app to stream to the ATV… Roon can do that by adding the ATV as a AirPlay device.

This app is used primarily as a nice display of what Roon’s playing, and it can be used to interact with Roon (search, manage play queue, etc.). I like it as a display on our big display while I’m using Roon, but I usually use a laptop or iPad to manage playback (touchscreen is more convenient for that).


Yes it shows what’s currently playing without the need to stream to the Apple TV.


If your new 4ktv has Cromecast included (I think all with android TVs have) you can directly stream the Roon Output with its beautiful artwork and, if available, the lyrics to the TV without any additional App.


Yes, it can! The app allows you to select any zone that’s enable in Roon and view Album/Artist images for the playing zone. It also supports volume, transport and queue control of the selected zone. Library browsing and search is also a feature.


No Apple devices support Chromecast. Only Google devices or devices with Google TV/Android TV built-in.

Released - TV:Remote (Build 1.2.6)

A new release is now available via the App Store, update includes a few bug fixes.

What’s New

  • Fixed issue causing extension to required re-enabling
  • Fixed issue causing browser scrolling to fail when loading more
  • Added Search shortcut to Browser
  • Browser navigation improvements

+1 for lyrics, best Roon add-on. Well done!


just bought an apple tv and the app. unfortunately it’s not doing what i want - what i was hoping for is that when i press play in roon, the apple tv would wake the tv and display the now playing screen automatically. is there any way to achieve that?

You mean the Roon display? Tv screen with chromecast built in or webdisplay?

Not what I’ve found. But, I’d hate such a feature to be default. However, I’d certainly recommend this to @R_102 as a feature request which can/could be enabled within the TV app settings.

Yes i want the roon display on atv so neither chromecast or web. It works it just doesnt come on automatically like chromecast display does when the tv was off