Apple TV Extension - Roon TV Remote

I haven’t found a way to do that either. It would be great, though!

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Im not too sure if this is possible… that app has to be running in order for Roon to access the extension, all process are stopped once the app is placed into the background. If I find a way to achieve the auto wake I’ll add it as a setting.

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Thx, but i always have the app running, i dont use atv for anything else but it doesnt work regardless - unless im doing something wrong?

Ahh ok. Looks like having the app wake the TV isn’t an option - there’s no way of controlling the TV from inside an app.

If your using an iOS device to control Roon, creating a Personal Automation using Apple’s Shortcuts app may work as an alternate solution.

Using the Shortcuts app its possible to create an automation that wakes the Apple TV when opening the Roon app - it should wake the TV too…

confusing. my atv is set to never asleep. so an automation to wake the atv isn’t necessary. my understanding is that if you send content to the atv it will turn on the tv but testing it here now that doesn’t work via cec/hdmi arc. it seems that atv only turns on the tv when using the atv remote. looks like atv is a bit crap for all this and doesn’t really work the same way a chrome cast or hdmi stick device does i.e. when you starting using it, it automatically turns your tv on.