AppleTV as Display

It would be lovely to see a “display-app” for the Apple TV 4th gen! :slight_smile:
Or are there workarounds that would allow one to use an Apple TV as “Display”?


This is definitely not the most elegant of workarounds :roll_eyes: AirBrowser ( might be an option. I haven’t tried this with Roon, but I assume the underlying rendering is done by Safari and thus this should work.

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I wonder if something like this would work?

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Best workaround is to display on iMac in full screen with no menu shown. Then mirror that to Apple TV. Mirroring from an iPad doesn’t fill the tv and shows browser menu.

I would think either they come out with an app or just have it as a selectable display from the menu.

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Does Apple TV have a web browser? If so you can use the new display options to show now playing in it.

I would really like to see a Display App for the ATV, isn’t it a no-brainer?

I don’t want to shell out money for a Chromecast when I already have an ATV and using any convoluted work around i.e mirroring from an iPad is just a pain in the backside.

Please @support can you let us know if this is being considered or even on the road map?


This would be really helpful for me. I would love to know if his is something Roon is working on

I’d love to see this as well. Why can’t roon share the display screen to airplay on sn Apple TV?


I would love this as well!

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Please add this! I agree it should be a no brainer, just a display of what’s playing. If you wanted to get fancy, you could allow us to use the AppleTV remote to select songs and so on, but I think just an album cover and info about the song is enough.

Why not use the web display in the apple tvs browser?

Not sure im understanding the original ask… I just screen mirror from my ipad/iphone to AppleTv. Works great but maybe you dont have another Apple device?

That is ok, but ties up a device and does not fill the screen. Also, the Now Playing is more cluttered than the “Display” dedicated function.

What would be really cool, but not feasible, is to have the artist, album, and song overlaying Apple’s amazing aerial screensaver!

Yes, it does. And you could even make it into a “native” Roon app :slight_smile:


A Roon app for the Apple TV would be fine. Shouldn’t be too much programming work, if my assumption that TVOS and IOS are rather similar is correct.


That would be amazing - looks beautiful.

Nicely done.

I really would like an ATV app as well as an screensaver function as well
Please Roon, make this a reality !!


This please!