AppleTV No Sound

I am able to select my AppleTV in Zones, but get no sound.

Hey @Bob_Lasky – sorry for the trouble. Can you confirm:

  • Details of your setup
  • That volume is up in Roon
  • That other sources play properly through AppleTV
  • What happens when you play to the AppleTV from Roon – are you getting cover art? Does the progress bar in Roon tick up? Are there any errors?

Let me know the answers and we’ll figure this out. Thanks!

I have two AppleTVs on the network. One is labeled family room. This is the one I want to play. I selected the other and was now getting sound through “family room”. I have it Set just for audio no monitor. Works fine just have to select the opposite AppleTV???

Maybe your ATV’s are the other way around

In other words the ipaddresses are switched. Perhaps you can confirm what each has.