Apps will Not Act As Remote [Resolved]

Signed up today [at end of trial] for membership. Left and came back two hours later, nothing works. Every App - Win 10, iPad, iPhone demands I deauthorize my QNAP which acts as core. Tapping on the “Oops I meant to run as a remote” gives me a screen that says “choose your core”. My only core is my Qnap. Tapping “Connect” puts me right back at the “authorizations” screen. WTF?

Adding @support so they see this.

Tried stopping and restarting the QNAP app - no joy. Finally rebooted the server and everything now works after the reboot…

Not sure what could have led to this. I paused a music queue and went away for ~3 or four hours. Problem was found on my return on attempting to select new music to play.

@support - let me know what additional info you need or if there’s something you’d like me to try. I’m fairly certain the problem was the core running on my QNAP 451+ as I spent a fair bit of time time messing with my iPhone, to the point of reinstalling the app, as that was the first device I picked up and tried to use on my return.

Bit disconcerting as I’ve been very happy with the software thus far.

Hey William – most likely, the Windows machine was accidentally set up to run a Core, since the iOS devices aren’t capable.

In any event, if everything is running ok now, probably nothing to worry about – you’re free to move your Core around but a license only covers a single machine.

Anymore authorization issues, let us know. Enjoy!

I’m not sure you understand the issue - yes, I did originally install the core on my Windows laptop as I did not realize that a QNAP package existed. However the problem was that ALL devices - Win 10 laptop, iPhone, iPad - were unable to connect to the QNAP core without rebooting the QNAP. Software that fails so badly it requires a server reboot is not good news.

Hey @William_Coney – sorry for the trouble here, and the slow follow up. Are you still having problems? Are they happening consistently?

If so, we can enable some diagnostics and have @support take a look. Let me know, thanks!

Hasn’t returned as yet, so I guess it’s “resolved.” If it happens again, you’ll be the first to know! :^)