ARC B266 Multiple duplicate albums

Another ARC release, another bug. This time I’m seeing an arbitrary number of duplicates of multiple albums. Swapping to a different user profile causes things to display correctly. Any ideas @Early_Access, before I try a reinstall?

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I have suddenly today started to see a few of these, too. But not in ARC but the regular remote on macOS. If I select one of them, both get selected, so clearly they are just graphical instances of the same album.

And I’m on early access.

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That’s curious, I haven’t noticed that yet - my Android remotes have just updated to B1407 production (although I’m on the EA channel). Core is still B1405.

Hope it gets fixed swiftly - it’s super annoying at the moment.

Edit: By way of further information for @Early_Access , it only happens on the albums screen of ARC - the recently played/added tabs on the home screen display correctly, as do all the other library filters.

In the Android Play Store Beta you always get the latest update, both Production and Beta, whatever is newer

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YES. Not only ARC, but Roon v2.0 b1405 started showing multiple duplicates with no changes on the files! I already spent long hours trying to get rid of them by editing internal file tags but couldn’t. This never happened before. Please fix this soon.

EDIT. To clarify, they are not exactly duplicates, but the original content is splitted into two or more new albums with the same name. If you add all the new albums/tracks you will get the original album.

In my case, they were actually duplicates. Yours sounds more like this known issue of albums getting split:

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Hi, @dhusky, thank you for your report. Could you, please, clarify if you are seeing the same issue in Roon or only in Roon ARC?



Hi, thanks - only Roon ARC…or at least that was the case when I last checked.

Edit: Confirmed, still only Roon ARC that is showing this issue.

Thanks! It is interesting that switching profiles makes the issue go away, we are going to try and reproduce this one locally.


Many thanks, I’ll wait to hear back before doing anything further then.

@ivan so, on a whim, I just restarted by Roon server…the duplicates seem to have vanished :man_shrugging: hopefully that’s the end of it…if only all bugs were so easily resolved!

Thank you for letting me know, @dhusky, could you, please, keep and eye on that and let me know if this issue returns?



Will do…thanks!

@ivan - another example, but seemingly just this album rather than lots as before:

Again, just on ARC, the Roon app is fine. FWIW this is a local album.

Edit: And another…

@ivan - this is now happening again across numerous albums - obviously I can restart to see if it fixes the issue again but this seems to suggest there’s some sort of glitch at play.

I have the same issue have numerous copies of albums showing. These are true duplicates, same track listings and “heart status” etc. Only impact ARC, not Roon remotes. As you can see its occurring for both Tidal and local albums.

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I’m also getting this - on 266, too, albeit not via early access (I used to be some time ago, but haven’t been for a while now). I noticed this issue a few weeks back before 266, so the last general release is likely to have had it too.

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Thank you, @Greg_Ince, @James_Fitzell, @dhusky. So, the pattern is the following:

  • The error state accumulates over time
  • It does not affect Roon Remote app only Roon ARC
  • It goes away after a RoonServer reboot

By any chance, could you, please, tell me if you remember if you what you’ve been doing in Roon ARC recently? Adding albums/creating playlists/etc



Once again chiming in to say that I have this in the Mac remote as well. Not sure if related. These are true live duplicates (selecting one also selects the other). When looking at the same thing on the iPad, they are not duplicated:

I think that’s correct - a restart of RoonServer cleared them, as far as I can see.

I’ve almost certainly added albums, utilised automatic downloads heavily, and created playlists in ARC.

Like many along the way, I expect, I have also had to restore ARC completely, at various points - that meant starting again with downloads/smart downloads, too, but I also note duplicates are both Qobuz and my own files, so that activity is presumably a red herring?