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I have a Samsung S22 Ultra on T-Mobile.

When I go on a walk, ARC disconnects when I go from midband 5G to low band.

It will not reconnect until I return to midband coverage, or I reboot. Please fix this.

Emby has no issues with this.

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@James_Rome, I cannot represent or speak to what Roon can/cannot do, but when you state low-band spectrum, to which bands are you referring on T-Mobile’s network?

Without going into too much detail, TMO’s low-band spectrum capacity for data may be very limited where you live/walk, or you may be in an area with lower signal strength (also resulting in lower network data capacity). This may cause a reduced network quality notification to be sent to Roon which pauses the ARC stream.

There are many factors in play based on how Roon manages the connection.

They are labelled 5G and 5gUC. But I have a strong signal and get at least 50 Mbps even on low band.

Hi @James_Rome,

I’m sorry to hear that you’re having dropouts. To clarify, are you logged out of ARC, or do you simply lose the audio stream (dropouts)? Do you see any “Poor Connection” messages when this occurs?

The tech support team has taken a look through diagnostics for both ARC and your Core, and we can confirm there are several issues interfering with playback. First off, there’s extreme memory pressure reported on the Android device in ARC logs - can you confirm that you have enough RAM/memory available on this phone?

The network speed is otherwise as you reported, so as a follow-up question: are you streaming Tidal/Qobuz, or your local content when you experience the 5G/5GUC switch and subsequent dropout? Does this occur with downloaded content on the phone in ARC as well?

Your Core logs show unrelated network issues in Roon, including failures when attempting to communicate with Roon’s servers. Regular account activity appears to time out, or it’s being actively filtered by some sort of VPN or network security. Can you confirm that you’re not having issues in Roon and Roon Remote on your local network as well?

Thank you for your patience. We’ll proceed once we know a little more.

I get the poor connection message. But I have 4-5 bars of 5G. The app stays on. Just will not reconnect. I do not use a VPN, but I did just change my Comcast gateway to Xfi, and have been pulling my hair out with this. But the ARC issues started before I changed my Gateway. Xfi Gateway does not seem to have a way to do port-forwarding (they removed it from the Gateways’ interface), so I am using it in bridged mode with my Linksys router. I have been switching back and forth from bridged to non-bridged.

That stinks that the Comcast won’t do port forwarding! What’s the model of that modem? Cable or fiber or DSL? (Do people have DSL anymore?!? :woman_shrugging:)

Why are you switching back and forth between bridge mode and normal mode? I would guess some stuff works when in bridge mode, and some stuff works in non-bridge-mode?

Inside Roon ARC, under Settings >ARC, is it green check mark “connectable”?

And also by the by, the number of bars on the cell phone are not a perfect indicator of actual data rates. I go some places with this new fancy iPhone 14 on T-Mobile, where it reports 3/5 5G-UC bars of coverage, but has a hard time loading a webpage. I don’t have a solution for this. Sometimes airplane mode on… wait a sec… airplane mode off sees to kick it in the pants a bit. But mostly I just have poor service in certain areas.

Alas, that page does not work! That option (in was removed in a firmware upgrade. So was an online page to do it. Onl;y the Xfinity app will supposedly work, but for me, it did not have a network setting.

Did you try working with an Xfinity rep in support?

Of course. Online support is useless (if you can even get them). Twitter finally opened a case with engineering. We shall see. Xfinity is worse than ever! | Jim Rome's Interactive Site

It does for the OP, or his ARC would not work at all. Please open your own topic in ARC: Port Forwarding Help, this will keep the OP’s topic uncluttered and ensure that you will receive more timely help.

EDIT: Didn’t read closely enough, I mistakenly thought this was a help request / complaint

ARC works because the XFi Gateway is in bridge mode and I use my own router to forward the ports. But this thread is about ARC notf responding to cell changes.

Read my struggle with Comcast How not to set up an XFi Gateway | Jim Rome's Interactive Site