ARC Occasionally Causes Core to Hang/Freeze

Thanks for the update, @connor. I think the ARC issues from around November 14th were resolved for me when the issue was first resolved at Roon.

I do still, at seemlingly random times, experience “Something went wrong” and “Poor connection” errors when I’m using Roon ARC for which I can’t really find a cause. ARC generally also makes my Roon core unresponsive (it stays active on all clients, but no longer loads any page) when I return home from some offline (offline mode or 4G-less) listening, which can only be resolved by restarting Roon Server. I would assume these are more general issues, but I’m not sure.

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Hi @eye,

Thank you for the update. We’ve split your post into a dedicated thread, and I’ll follow up once the team has had a chance to deep-dive into automated account diagnostics.

If you don’t mind, please leave your Core online for at least one hour at some point in the next day or so, so our team can request a report.

Thank you!

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Cheers, will do!

I’ve been able to reproduce the issue. I was out of the house, listening through ARC, returned home, turned on my Roon core (Roon Server on Windows on a NUC8i5BEH) and found all of my clients unresponive. The clients show up, but any page I try to load is either blank or keeps showing the Roon ‘loading’ animation. So no Home menu, no Genres, no Qobuz, etc., on any of my clients. So it seems like the issue lies with Roon server, and appears to have something to do with the sync of my listening history in ARC.

25min on it’s still stuck, but my daily scheduled back-up tried to start up anyway. It’s now been stuck in the ‘Preparing’ stage for 11 minutes. It usually takes only about 3 minutes.


Some more screenshots:

There are a few threads now with similar symptoms you describe. Out of interested, you are not running on a 5G router from Three are you?

Thanks, I hadn’t seen these. No, no 5G router.

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I’ve restarted Roon Server after an hour.

On my Home page, Roon correctly shows that I’ve played Deep Sea Dweller by Drexciya when I was on the move. Yet it doesn’t show up in my History. History does, however, show a couple of other plays by CCF and AFX when I was on the move, but only a few.

This seems like a bug to me, it can easily be reproduced. Did some listening in Offline mode in ARC yesterday, returned home, turned on my Core, saw Roon working normally, waited for about an hour before I decided to let ARC sync by turning off Offline mode. I could see in my History all my plays had synced, but all my Roon remotes stopped displaying any library content. After restarting my Core, everything was working normally again, but only 2 plays out of 10 remained in my History.

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Yesterday, the issue also occured when my Core was running at home. Listened to stuff in ARC on the train, had my 4G drop, and discovered when I got home that my Core was hanging again.

Same issue with ARC in Offline mode today. When I got home, I looked up an album and started playing some music on a Roon remote, then connected my Android phone to 4G again (instead of Wifi) and turned off Offline mode. I could load the Albums page and the music kept playing, but other Roon pages were already hanging. Playback stopped when the next song should’ve started playing.

@connor has the team had time to look into this? Thanks.

Hello Roon support, it’s now been 23 days since I last heard from anyone. I’ve left my Roon Core running as requested so you could look at the diagnostics, I’ve tried reinstalling RoonARC completely to fix the issue, I’ve tried multiple scenarios to work around the issue, and nothing works. It’s been pretty time consuming and I’ve wasted a lot of energy coming here every day in hopes of getting some input. Could you please let me know whether this issue will be looked into? I can understand if you’re too busy or understaffed, but please, communicate a little.

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I notice you mentioned this topic in another thread. I’ve flagged support for you, but I think it would be helpful if you provided the following information.

Please be sure to include details of your core, network, storage location of your media files, and any messages displayed by Roon. Thank you.

Roon Core Machine

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Networking Gear & Setup Details

<!‐-Your network gear (model of routers/switches) and if on WiFi/Ethernet, are you using VPN-‐>
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Connected Audio Devices

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Number of Tracks in Library

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Description of Issue

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Please be mindful that Roon support will not be available during the holiday period.

Roon Core Machine

NUC8i5BEH, 8GB RAM, Windows 10 Professional, Roon 2.0 (latest build) stable (64 bit), Roon library on a seperate internal SSD

Networking Gear & Setup Details

Core: Ethernet
Smartphone: Samsung A52 on 4G and Wifi, running Roon ARC 1.0.29

Connected Audio Devices

Bose QC25 on stereo jack

Description of Issue

See above

Hi @eye,

Thank you for your patience as the team has continued to investigate this long-standing issue. First off, please accept our apologies for the long delay in response.

How has ARC been performing? Routine account diagnostics show network timeouts and download failures within the last week; have you been experiencing performance decline in ARC, and has this affected your Core with any hangs/freezes as described above?

We’ve attempted a diagnostic pull from RoonServer - please keep your Core online at some point in the next several days for at least one hour so that the logs can reach our server. That should give us more granular insight into why connectivity to ARC might be causing Core issues.

We’ll respond here once we have logs and next steps. Thank you again.

Thanks @connor.

For now, I’m only using ARC when I’m out for a short walk, when my Core is on and there’s stable 4G. I’m avoiding offline mode, and keeping my 4G on. So no more hangs and freezes lately.

I’ve downloaded some music in ARC in the past week, and it seems the download stopped for a while and resumed when I switched to ARC from another app.

I’ll be on the road today, so I’ll leave my Core running, do some ‘regular’ ARC playback on downloaded files, and will switch to Offline mode on my drive home. Hopefully that’ll give some better insight.

So I did that: left my Core running, listened to some downloaded files with an active 4G connection, switched to Offline mode, returned home, turned off Offline mode, and everything synced perfectly.

Yesterday, however, I switched to Offline mode, listened to downloaded files, turned off Offline mode and straight away my core locked up - I got ‘poor connection’ errors in ARC and the search function said I was offline. My core synced what I had listened to, but it was hanging in every other way. When I returned home, I had to reboot my core, and after that, only a fraction of my listens still showed up in my history.

I hope the diagnostics can give an indication of what is going wrong.

I have a similar problem to this. ARC seems to freeze Roon Core occasionally (Rock installed on a Lenovo x220 i5).

If I reboot the core, everything works again. But I have had this happen a few times in the last few weeks.

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Hi @therourke,

Diagnostics indicate that the affected phone might be experiencing memory pressure to an extent interfering with performance in ARC. How many tracks do you have downloaded to this phone in ARC?

There are also network failures in diagnostics when the ROCK attempts to connect to Roon’s server, independent of ARC. These occur during routine requests. Are you experiencing any broader issues with Roon Remotes?

I recommend refreshing the database to erase any cached connectivity data:

  • Stop RoonServer from running in ROCK’s WebUI
  • Navigate to your ROCK’s Database Location
  • Find the folder that says “RoonServer”
  • Rename the “RoonServer” folder to “RoonServer_old”
  • Restart the RoonServer in the WebUI to generate a new Roon database folder
  • On the Roon Remotes, press “Use another Core” and connect to the new database

I really don’t want to to that. I would lose all my stats, and the order my albums were added is important.