ARC version 92 - no offline music

Since today’s ARC update to version 1.0 (92) I cannot find my music stored for offline use. Where there used to be the offline music icon (next to the settings cog) is now just empty space.

I can still download music from the album pages but I do not find where it is stored in the app. The new feature to display downloadable music is also nowhere to be found.

What am I missing?

Thanks for any help.

One addition:

I do recognize that there is a new filter for downloaded music in the Albums page but I cannot press it and it is greyed out for me even though ARC says it has around 10GB of offline music stored.

After a clean reinstall of the app the offline music button is again visible next to the cog wheel. Also the find new music to download feature is available for me now.

Obviously a clean reinstall is not ideal as all your previously downloaded music is deleted also so I’d still like to hear from others if this is a common issue with this release and to hopefully avoid future updates from suffering from the same issues.

Hi @GalaxyGlider ,

I’m sorry you have experienced this issue and a clean reinstall is obviously isn’t the perfect solution.

Could you please tell me which ARC version you had before version 92?

Also, tell me the Core version you have.

That information will help me to dig deeper into this case.


Hi @oleksandr,

thanks for your reply. I cannot recall what version I had before updating to 92. But I frequently run my iOS app updates so it was most definitely the version that preceded 92. Same for my Roon core. Since this morning I run 2.0 build 1169 and do not know what I had before.

Hope this helps somewhat.

Hi @GalaxyGlider ,
Do you still have this issue with downloadable music?

Hi @oleksandr, I did until I did a complete reset and reinstall of the app. Obviously all downloads were removed as well but the download button returned for me.

I encountered some other weird behaviour with offline music and the in-app filters which I described here:

Hi @GalaxyGlider,

The tech support team has marked your most recent post as a Solution, but please do start a new dedicated thread if you continue to experience issues with unavailable local downloaded files (or otherwise) in ARC.

Regarding your question with download availability; Roon ARC will link to whatever version of the album you saved in your Library when you access the content from the Library tab.

If this album version is from a streaming service, then downloads will be unavailable. You’ll need to navigate to the Versions tab, where you’ll see Library Versions, as well as TIDAL or Qobuz versions. If the library contains local, downloaded files, then these will be available for offline playback when the phone is disconnected. If you have a Tidal/Qobuz and Local version of an album in your Library, make sure you’re looking at the Local, offline-available version in ARC under the versions tab.

Please let me know if we can clarify this concept further.


Thanks @connor. Your explanation is perfectly clear. And for me the download via the version select works well.

My point was however that the download filter button should also work with downloaded music where the local file is not the primary version.
On the same note the new function to display downloadable music should also include albums which are in your local library but are not selected as the primary source. I have Roon set up to mostly favour the Qobuz files over my local versions.

I hope I make sense.

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