Are there any Squeezebox user's out there?

Hi all,

I have posted couple of messages in this forum with not much response and I am wondering how many people actually use Squeezebox players under Roon, and follow this forum?

I switched from LMS to Roon several months ago and for me the critical selling point was that I can continue to see what is being played on Squeezebox Touch (SBT) display. My Hegel amplifier is Roon Ready, but I still prefer to route music from my NAS through SBT for the convenience of its display and remote control use. This way I can still enjoy my favourite analogue amplification sound (I do use Hegel’s internal DAC) and have something close to “modern” interfaces that rely on displaying artwork and info for users sitting in their listening positions. I use iOS devices to control Roon, but, as these devices are used for may other things, I still prefer to have SBT next to my amplifier to always show me what is being played.

I find that Squeezebox use under Roon is still somewhat buggy with few intermittent issues and I was hoping that I will be able to discuss and resolve this in this forum. Is there anyone still following this forum and interested in using and improving Squeezebox under Roon?


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Hi Vojin I think there are a number of former Squeezebox users on the forum’s, not sure that a lot of regular contributors use them that much now.

It may take some time for that that still use them to show up, so have a little patience.
Hopefully you can get a discussion going then.

You’re probably not going to get many responses with this thread title. Why don’t you change it to the actual topic at hand?


Jim always to the point and good advice :+1:


Good point Jim.
I fixed it, hope the op is in agreement.
I think it has more chance of attracting Squeezebox users this way.


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Yes I use an SB radio in my kitchen and yes it’s buggy and has been for years and any posts have been ignored by support. More often the music stops playing after about 30secs to a minute after starting playback, it never switches to now playing when this happens and the play /stop icon doesn’t change to play. If you press play on the device it will startagain it works fine from there on in. So it feels like it’s not issuing proper commands to it. Other have had similar issues. Other than that it’s a workhorse and still sounds good for it diminutive size.

Hi Vojin,
I have 2 Squeezebox radios for use in two bedrooms. Roon has always connected with them fine, even showing cover art on the SR screen.I don’t know if Roon would have much interest in a venture like you suggest since Logitech abandoned the Squeezebox.

I have a few around the house that we’re basically used as clocks with LMS. ROON doesn’t even support the clock.

I still use my Squeezebox 3 and Boom, but, I don’t have a touch. As for buggy? I haven’t notice any bugs for my usage.

I still use my SqueezeBox Touch, 3 and duet. I don’t use the remote nor am I fussed about the display (beyond using the Touch as a bedside clock). I control them through my phone or iPad. All seems fine. Occasionally I lose the clock, then I do a reset (software update on the unit, which isn’t required but does the trick of getting the clock back if it has disappeared)

It’s kind of amazing (and I’m grateful) that these units are still going and still supported and still sound as good as they do.

I am using the squeeze box protocol on my endpoints as I bought a few raspberry pi zeros without realising that roon does not support the zero with the roon Bridge. I am connecting to them over WiFi. I have not had any significant issues.

Another Squeezebox user here. I have a Squeezebox Classic (Wi-Fi) and three Squeezebox Touches, all using the Enhanced Digital Output app, which enables 24bit/192kHz digital output, including USB output, and they all connected via Ethernet.

While there is very little support for many of the features which are available when using the Squeezeboxes with LMS, Roon does allow the Squeezeboxes to be used as endpoints with a very basic “now playing” screen. I gladly traded the Squeezebox features and library management available under LMS for the much more robust features and library management available under Roon.

There are many other options available for “now playing” displays when using Roon, from desktop and laptop computers to Amazon Fire tablets to iPads to HDTVs via Chromecast.

Also still use my Squeezebox Touch under Roon, can’t say I’ve noticed it being buggy (wired connection).

I’ll prefer to use my three touches and two classics not as roon endpoints, but as backup system for Roon with LMS.
Many nice features are only available with LMS and there are also situations, where Roon isn’t running stable (after some updates).

I don’t believe that anyone has said that the playback behavior of Squeezeboxes under Roon was “buggy”. The playback is very stable and bug free, rather it’s the device display and some other features of the Squeezeboxes that do not work the same when using Roon as they do when using LMS.

I am interested to use the Squeezebox player or Squeezelite player with Roon. Does anyone know what is required in order to use the Roon core server with the Squeezelite player apps? My Roon core is on a dedicated NUC. How can i use a Squeezelite player with Roon instead of the default Roon Advanced Audio Player (RAAT)?
Highly appreciate any help please.

Roon does not support squeezelite players. So, you would be on your own for any issues with them.