Are you satisfied with technical support from Roon?

I have been with Roon for a couple of months now, having switched from Volumio. I was hoping support from Roon would be timely and professional, but I was wrong.

I lost the ability to use Roon several days ago as the program gets stuck during loading. I opened a support thread, emailed for help using the contact email, and even sent emails to individual roon support members. No one from Roon has contacted me as of yet.

Is my experience different from yours?

For a paid service (not cheap, btw) should there not be adequate support? Why not institute a ticket system?


It looks like you have created a support thread approximately 2 days ago. Roon doesn’t work during weekend (as most companies). I’m sure they’ll get back to you after that. You should give them the courtesy of at least 1 business day to respond to your inquiry, don’t you think?


Roon is one of the most responsive companies I deal with. And I spend way more money with some of those other companies. I suspect you’ve just had bad timing related to the weekend.


Yes, since we’re not Karens who demand to speak to the manager when we don’t get an immediate answer on a saturday, for a problem as vital as our music player not working, it makes our experience with Roon, and the world, much more pleasing.


I’ve VERY happy with Roon support. Best in the business.


Never had any issues, always been responsive during the working week and pleasant to deal with.

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In spite of your attempt to poison the waters with this thread, I have tagged the appropriate people in your other post.


I’m satisfied with Roon support, but I’ve never had to use it. I’ve been a Roon customer for a few months over a year and never had any issues that required any support. The few times I’ve had questions, people on this forum have been able to help me.

Poison the waters? Very unfair criticism. I have a real problem, I have followed the system in place to seek help and I still have a problem because no one has contacted me from Roon.

I have spent 6 hours trying to fix it myself, but I am not a programmer. I also think they should have staff available 7 days a week, perhaps not around the clock. One person on weekends would probably be sufficient.

Since listening to music is not a critical activity, I doubt many customers would want to pay more for Roon to cover the cost of 7 day customer support. I know I would not.


with a userbase of 100,000+ users? Statistically speaking, I think not…

We are talking about 16 hours for a person for sat and sun. This is the cost of doing business and it is peanuts.

Not sure what you mean…is one person not enough? Then add as many people as necessary to support your business.

I agree. Sucks not having tunes over a weekend.

Technical support from Roon can be done for the comfort of their home.

I don’t see it being a big issue, after all, it is a paid service.

It has nothing to do with the activity not being critical. Watching TV is not critical, right? How about you loosing your programming for the week end? Would you be upset if DISH/DIRECTTV/COX were not there to provide assistance? How about your connection to the internet? Is that critical? What if you lost it for 3 days before someone contacted you to try to fix it?Not a good argument.

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You are right. What happened was not only an outrage, but a disgrace and an insult to you as a customer. Since it appears abundantly clear that you will not receive the support you wish for, the only way for you to get the attention of the managers is to immediately cancel your subscription in protest. A big sacrifice, we all know, but as a benevolent individual, it is the best thing you can do, both to ensure that your very legitimate desire to listen to music is never again trampled by Roon support staff not troubleshooting things for you, and also, as an empathetic and generous human being, to ascertain that the message goes through loud and clear to Roon Management.


Not a nice message Xekomi. I am beginning to get the feeling I am getting bullied now…


Not sure I know of any worldwide company that provides that level of support within standard cost.
Sure you maybe able to report something but getting a resolution will be different.
Don’t even think it’s something Microsoft or Apple offer for premium products.

If I lost Roon for a while I’d just use another method of streaming, getting all shouty never gets you premium service.


I just got Audirvana for such occurrences, if they ever happen, and for away from home use. It’s not Roon, but works great and sounds great.

As all bullies do, I was being supportive of your angst, calling you a benevolent, empathetic and generous person, and vindicating the decision-making you indicated you’d done elsewhere.