Are you satisfied with technical support from Roon?

They were very timely for me. Very satisfied!


Apologies Sergio. Lots of cynical Roon fanboy reactions here. Used to be a generally friendly and helpful forum.


I never ask for tech support, sometime they not seating there waiting for me. This forum is amazing, they here 24/7 all over, They are the best.

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Roon helped me no problem when I had a problem.
A little patience is all you need.

One gets back what one sends out.


It still is a friendly and helpful forum if approached in the right way :smiling_imp:

I personally think the OP was correct in saying what he wanted to say, and the usual fanboi ‘rebuttal attitude’ is rather disrespectful to someone’s feelings - I’m confident none of the roon mods and owners need a herd mentality to ‘enforce and police’ others. They should not allow this kind of behaviour to be tolerated. Ultimately it will undo any users joy of being here and using roon.

@dylan @danny - your thoughts?


And, in the same vein, maybe you can stop calling satisfied Roon customers “fanboi.” The OP was criticising Roon because he wasn’t satisfied with how long it took to get support help on a weekend. He was also trying to use email which is not how Roon does support.

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Thankyou, point and case proven; you don’t like it when dished back… It’s true though, regardless.


"Fanboy’ is a dirty little smear that cynics use when they can’t think of anything else.

In all the posts you take exception to, no one used an insult. That was left to you.


A word doesn’t make an insult, the way its used does. The OP was ridiculed and looked down on like a fool for having an opinion, that is the true insult.


The purpose of his thread was to incite. People understood that and that’s why he got the response he did.

Most probably also saw this -

A shouting, threatening post because he reported a problem on a Friday and didn’t get an immediate response.

BTW - If you read that thread a little further, you will discover that the fault seems to have been in the original install, in that Roon needn’t have done anything to correct it.

Before you think to call me a ‘fanboy’, I have my own complaints about Roon, which I couch in terms respectful to who might receive them.


Do you think you’re judge and jury?

And you aren’t judging?

I’m done here.


It’s called balance :wink:

See you at Pinkfish forum.


The problem now is that most people think they are important, their problems should be considered first, my tweets, my posts are relevant compared to other…how come no one answered back to me.

Anyone working with customers has seen those behaviors increasing.

And most of time like for plane crashes, the one that has to be blamed is the pilot…
I dont think you would go to a physical shop shouting like you did with your capital letters…asking for help.

So start by being polite and calm in your messages @sergio_francavilla and you ll have same behaviors from others.
Roon is not 100% perfect for sure i agree with you on this point.

Hmm. Have you worked retail returns or tech support in America. That behavior, live and in person, was well on its way even in the early 90s.

Nope you re right I am in France and we also have these guys here. People like this has never faced any customer of their life.
And if someone tells me customer has every right, i would say no…only weak companies think this way.

So he has right to be unhappy, sad whatever his feelings, but you re treated the way you treat people.

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