Argon Audio Solo Experiences?


Anyone here with experience with the Argon Audio Solo?

I’m contemplating one with the Argon Audio SA1 for my home office.

Black Friday pricing is looking good for both… You may need to take one for the team. :wink:

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I have a solo but have constant dropouts with it over both raat and chromecast.
It only suports wifi unfortunately.

Easy to set up but it vanishes often and needs to be unplugged to make it visible again in

I might try it out again in another zone but overall not good experience for me
It was 149euro a few weeks ago at hifi klubben.

The single shirt man appears to like it:


I know it is Roon Ready but when you use Roon with the Chromecast input of Solo, what does the Roon signal path show when you play PCM192kHz music?

I’m keen to know if the Chromecast input can support 192k or is limited to 96k or lower.

Could you show signal path playing a 192k track using Roon playing to Solo’s Chromecast input ?

I bet it’s gimeped to 48/24 like most devices are as Roon insists on using the official tag to say it does hires but no-one else seems to bother with it at all even if it can. So Roon assumes 48/24 and caps it at that.

As it goes sometimes, small plans end up leading to other (bigger plans) and so I ended up with this:

A Linn Majik DS-I with Dali Oberon 1 speakers. Quite happy with my choice.

adding my hands on experience on the Argon Solo.

Acquired it to run with my headset amplifier via RCA output. Set up is really simple and build quality of the device is excellent for the money.

Unfortunately Roon Readiness is actually not available - the Solo shows up as ‘non certified’ in the Roon section (running Elac Discovery Server with Roon Essentials. I can connect via Airplay but not Roon/RAAT). The device updates itself over the air so is on the last release (p14589.121.0). No way to download an older FW release since not available.

Argon Support has been sluggish in responding so far.

update on Roon Readiness - Argon Solo is now showing up a Roon Certified and I can use it as RAAT connected device (after almost two weeks being announced as ‘non certified’.

Sound on my headset rig is pretty decent and I currently perceive it being better than the DAC of the Elac Discovery. Need to listen more into it to come to a conclusion.

Next step is to connect it to my active speakers via the analog line-in / RCA connection to see if it improves the audio quality and stability beyond current Elac wireless AIR-X protocol.

Hi I have dropout’s too. I do not know if it is the Solo or ROON that is reason for the problem :flushed:

I just find out that the reason the Solo stop playing is because it went in to Standby mode after 5 min. It just like that the software is not registering that I plays, when it plays from ROON. Not happen with other streaming input so fare.

Have sent my Solo back

À few hours With bluesound node and Im happy again