Artist bio's feature request

Hi could we have a textual editor to add artist bio’s please.
Again probably aimed more at those of us who hold their digital collection locally.
But it would be much appreciated.
Many artists in my collection have no bio details.
I’m not expecting Word functionality, Notepad functionality would be fine. :slight_smile:


Another vote for that…
Just cut & paste into a simple text field would be really great. Same also for albums.

Been asking for this for a while, not sure if ever going to implemented or not.

I have been requesting this for a number of years. The ability for the user to manually add an album review or artist bio when they are missing. This could be added to the existing field, or alternatively a new field which shows in place of the scraped/pulled data when it is missing.

The functionality should also ideally include the ability to add more than one album review, so that users can add in reviews from their preferred source.

I recently converted one of my requests into a “feature request” that can be voted on - so rather than start a new request and dilute the number of votes, it would make sense to vote there rather than here (7 votes so far) -

Another relevant thread here (but again, to increase votes I would place your vote in the above link as the below has zero votes):

Similarly here:

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