Artists of compilations are not displayed

Roon Core Machine

SYNOLOGY DSM 7.1.1-42962 Update 4 Model: DS920+, INTEL Celeron J4125, 4096 MB
ROON SERVER 20220216

Networking Gear & Setup Details

Fritzbox 7590 WiFi/LAN; DEVOLO MAGIC 2 PowerLine/WiFI; NETGEAR GS 105 Switch LAN

Connected Audio Devices

bluesound NODE N130 LAN

Number of Tracks in Library

12000 tracks from 2800 artists on 750 albums

Description of Issue

In the overview of ROON, instead of 2800 artists, 350 artists are shown, because obviously title-interpreters of compilations are not shown there. It seems to be similar with artists and complication albums. ROON’s overview shows 350 artists on about 750 albums. ROON is used for playback, the archive is created and maintained with MediaMonkey 5. In this respect the meta tags of the FLAC music files are maintained.

ROON as can be seen, ROON also knows the title performer on compilation albums.

Which settings are necessary so that all artists, i.e. album-artists and title-artists, as well as all artist- and compilation-albums are also visible in the overview?

I hope I have expressed myself clearly and thank you all in advance for any helpful hints.

If I understand you correctly, you want in the My Artist list to also show artists that are only credited as musicians/performers, e.g., on tracks? I don’t think that’s possible, I think it only shows artists that have a Primary Artist credit.

Doesn’t seem to, I have lots of artists that only appear in my collection on compilations and credited and tagged as performers and composers but none seem to show up under artists some do pop up under composers but majority do not unless I have an album by them.

Thanks for the answer.
There are albums on which all tracks are by one artist.
E.g. Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band by the Beatles.
Album artist is then = “The Beatles” the title artist is then also = “The Beatles”.

For a sampler album e.g. Dirty Dancing (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) the album artist = “various artists”. However, for each of the twelve songs there is a title artist e.g. Song #2 Be My Baby by “The Ronettes” title artist. Since it does not matter for the display of an artist whether this is represented on an album of this artist or with “only” one title on a sampler sampler album the display is simply wrong. Media Monkey shows me 2.800 artists, roon only 350 (in the same music archive).
This is wrong in “Home/ARTISTS” and in “My Library/My Artists”, because by far not all artists contained in the collection are displayed.

I hope it’s just my settings.

Since I use roon for playback, I want to be able to easily select the one I want.

Thanks for the reply.
This is exactly my problem.
Media Monkey shows me 2,800 artists, roon only 350 (in the same music archive).
This is the same problem in “Home\ARTISTS” and in “My Library\My Artists”.

Since I use roon for playback, I would like to find the music I want quickly.

Is it possible to contact roon directly?

I get the problem. I just checked my VA albums who have track artists set to Primary Artist for the track (which shows up as “Performed by” in the track list), and those don’t show up under My Artists either, which probably isn’t ideal. I get that Roon doesn’t want to litter My Artists with many thousands of artists that just have a credit somewhere, but arguably a Primary Artist on track credits should appear, at least optionally.

Posting here in #support is meant as contacting Roon directly. You can also open a feature suggestion topic in #feedback:feature-suggestions

No you can’t contact them directly all support is via the forum.

It’s hard to tell if this is actually intended behaviour or a bug. The artists are known to be in your library as if you go to the artists page via the link from the track inany compilation album you can heart them, something you can’t do if not in your library. Yet they do not show up under my artists at all even when hearted. I think this is a design choice to only show album artists and not all artists. Most UPnP apps seem to have both options usually labelled as Arists and Album Artists. This I do find to be pretty messy and confusing, this is what Media Monkey is giving you I guess where Roon isn’t for some logic they have decided is the correct way.

Roon has its own views on how it presents your collection and they seldom change their ways stuff like this. So you roll with how they do things or move on to something else . They have a very opinionated view of what they want for the product in these areas. If you feel strongly about it then put in a feature request post and try and garner support from users with votes as this is the best way to get them to take notice but it needs to garner a lot of support. There are a number of requests for better compilation management as it is lacking to be sure.

So Roon currently will only register album/track artists under My Artists and not from multi artist compilations. I have lots of the latter which I know is the only track I have by that artist and nothing I can do will make it visible under my artists. You can filter for them under tracks to find them though.

I find this annoying too. I search an artist I know is in my collection on a comp. If the track isn’t popular enough to be picked up in Overview then I must select Discography and scroll down to compilations to see instances where they appear in my library.

That on the Overview page there is a section titled ‘Appearances in my library’ which is incomplete and misleading, suggests this is a fault rather than something to request as feature.

And looking into this a bit further, Roon seems to treat compiled artists differently depending on whether they are on local or Tidal comps.

Hi @Fam_Adameit,

Thank you for reaching out and for your patience.

To clarify, can you please share a screenshot of the Album Details page for an affected compilation album? We’ll want to know contributing artists, performers, etc (all the album-level data).

When an album has more than five contributing artists listed in its metadata, Roon will display it as Various Artists in the Browser.

Unfortunately, there’s no current setting to enable track-level Primary Artists (or every performer) to appear in the My Artists page of the browser. You’re more than welcome to create a #feedback:feature-suggestions post requesting separate entries for track-level Primary Artists, where our product team can weigh in more directly.