Artwork for playlists

After spending an extraordinary 3 hours at a The Cure 2016 tour concert I have created playlists from the concert and 4 encores set lists. Is there anyway or could there be to customize the playlists artwork like radio stations in the internet radio module. I got some good shots.


+1 … I curate (pun intended) a lot of playlists and would love a custom art work option.

What else would be nice: grouping tracks from the same album under a single cover art image, as shown in this iTunes playlist example:

Just found this thread and will repost there.

I’d really like to be able to add my own choice of image/ thumb nail to my playlists.

This is something that some of the big streaming platforms allow for and would be a great addition to Roon to personalize the experience.

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Sure would… I was hopeful that when Roon completely revamped the UI that playlists would have seen some love.

And Tags could also benefit from custom artwork…