Assistance Required - Migrating to Headless Server & Changing Platforms

I currently have Roon 1.1 installed on a PC running Windows 8.1 and all is fine in the world of Roon.

I am now wanting to install the headless version of Roon Server on a Mac Mini and then connect the PC to this as a remote.
95% of my music at this stage is direct from Tidal but I am concerned and slightly confused as to how I go about migrating my library between the two different operating systems so that I do not lose play history, playlists, favourites, etc.

I am aware of the the thread and instructions within the below posts but still don’t see how I can do this across different machines with different operating systems:

Any suggestions if this is possible or do I need to wait until Roon develops a cloud based sync?

OK. Just found this:

Moving your database
“It is possible to move your database to a new computer, but if you are changing platforms, or if the location of your library is changing, please contact us for assistance”.

So I have changed the title of the post to better reflect my needs and will wait for an admin to contact me.

Hi @mikedowsett – sorry for the delay here. I need to put together some instructions for this migration. Moving between operating systems is a little more involved than migrating from Roon to RoonServer on the same machine.

Let me check with the team, and I’ll get back to you in the next day or so ok? Apologies for the delay!

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Hi @mike - Thanks for the reply and no problem with the timeframe. Makes sense to get a clear set of instructions that can be re-used by others who are in a similar scenario.

Is a cloud based sync on the roadmap at some point?

Yes absolutely, but I don’t have a firm timeframe on when that will happen.

I’m going to send you a PM now with some instructions for migrating – talk to you soon!

I, too, need advice w migration to a headless mini. My current setup is a PowerBook w logic board issues. I hope to buy a replacement mini preferably a mini with an optical drive for ripping cd’s. will I be disappointed with the performance of an older mini (circa 2010)?
David - Dallas

It depends on a few factors, but the two biggest are, will you be running the interface (meaning Roon) or will it be headless, running RoonServer? The other big factor is collection size.

Let me know your setup but, if it was me, I would go for a newer Mini with an optical drive connected via USB.