Astell & Kern status

I have seen a few posts/articles about Roon coming to A&K DAPs, but no “it is ready” posts.

Has anyone heard anything new lately about being able to use an A&K DAP as a Roon endpoint? It doesn’t seem like you can sideload the remote app, either (not listed on their Open APP list).

I am debating on simply buying an iPod touch to use with my iFi Nano iDSD, or holding out for a DAP endpoint.



They announced new firmware updates on Facebook, but no mention of Roon.

On Head-Fi JasonNYC announced 99% complete.

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I spoke to an A&K rep at Can Jam LA this past Saturday. The A&K rep said the Roon update was very close to being finished.


Wondering if the upcoming integration will “only” make AK products function as endpoints (i.e. function in a network with an existing Roon core), or might go further to enhance the syncing experience so that when I take my AK player to the office (or the beach) it feels more like an extension of my Roon library rather than simply a set of exported files in the AK ecosystem.

Since the whole point of AK players (for me at least) is to take my music library outside the house, just making my player function as an endpoint inside my house is not much of a change. Wondering if I’m being too optimistic to hope that the integration might be more…

Roon is not mobile friendly yet. I am hoping the AK will allow for control and end point unlike my Poly/Mojo which is just an endpoint. But, I would take the end point at least.

There’s a new firmware coming next week. When I asked if Roon might be included I was given a curt reply. “no”.

I may give them a call as well. Kind of BS they say its coming out in late 2018, and its mid-2019…

Not sure what the issue is. If they are giving up on it I wish they would just say so.

Add me to the list of frustrated users. I own two A&K devices (SR15 and KANN CUBE) and the announced Roon integration was one of the reasons I purchased them.

I follow up with Jason on Head-Fi and for what it’s worth, it does seem like it’s still in the works and moving forward. Like someone else mentioned, he confirmed it’s not in the update due in the next couple of weeks.

If I had to bet I think Dan will be disappointed. It’s probably an in home deal versus truly portable. Personally I’d be happy with being able to side load the Android app and then have it be Roon Ready when connected to a PC as an external DAC.

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guys, any updates on this? Im little tired asking Jason on headfi. Firste they almost announced it as ready to go at 2018 and since then always complaining about the procedure with Roon certification. And for me its just worst type of explanation. Other vendors can do this…

Last week Jason said it was with Roon again m. Anyone have an insider who would comment?

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Yes, exactly.
@dylan can You please comment?

Any update on this? Would be nice to have an update from A&K or Roon on this.

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I would also really want to know if this is going to be implemented at some stage… I know the ball is with A&K, but still.

Adding Roon support has been shelved until further notice. With COVID-19 and 95% of our employees working from home, it is difficult to coordinate the development, testing and certification process. We will focus on internal firmware updates for the the foreseeable future. We have spent numerous amount of dev hours on Roon support and it is something we do hope to offer in the future, but for now there is no ETA on when it will happen.

A&K overpromised and underdelivered.


I would buy a new gen AK in a flash if the gave me roon ready!

I doubt it will happen. I think it is issues with Android resampling. Just my thoughts. I added a copy of Audirvana to my server to do dlna devices and it plays to my SP1000 very well.

and also gapless?
For me (tested with your different DLNA-Servers) it’s not working really gapless with my SR25 and AK Connect.