Audeze Preset Art

Thanks for adding the Audeze presets. The LCD-X preset sounds great.

One question – how do you get rid of the Audeze art? I mistakenly enabled an Audeze preset on a non-headphone zone and would like to revert to the previous art. Disabling the Audeze preset doesn’t do the trick.

If you click the button next to the preset in the DSP engine, it will deselect.

That worked. Thanks.

Anymore Preset’s coming? I’d love a preset for my Bowers and Wilkins speakers

And – awesome customer support, as usual!

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Sucks that Audeze is Out of Stock on 2 headphones I’m interested in. At least the link(marketing) is working as I’m browsing their products.

LCD-3 user says thank you here!!

LCD-2 user thankful, but I’d love to know the secret sauce being employed here. Obviously Audeze has implemented EQ curves to augment the strengths and weakness of a given model. As an audio-phool Id just like to know if this is a duplication of an existing parametric EQ I have employed in the past.

Which models are you interested in?

The presets are possible to be approximated by a parametric EQ, but it would not be the same. Right now behind the scene they are FIR filters and the design methodology is a bit more complex. What PEQ have you used if you don’t mind sharing, I can tell whether it is close to how it designed.

(Disclosure) I head DSP at Audeze and designed the presets for Roon.


I’m interested in the LCD-XC. Been waiting for a refurb sale.

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EL-8 Closed/open is what I’m researching. Looking for something that will do double duty. Works well w/upcoming iPhone and my home stereo.

Please contact Audeze Sales/Support directly, they will be able to workout something for you.

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Mostly, I’ve used EQ to fix the 6k spike in Sennheiser HD800’s, or in the case of the LCD-2F, remove a bit of darkness. In general, I like the Isotope 7 Greg Calbi Vintage EQ to emulate some more tube based sounds like below:

I know that doesn’t answer your question about any LCD-2F PEQ curve specifically, I guess I’m just curious if we can see a little more detail under the hood as a lot of these Ozone 7 curves get pretty wacky, pretty quickly.

BTW, has anyone discovered a way to import EQ curves into Roon?

Please don’t bash the choice of using a FiioX3 while the Gungnir is at Schiit for a USB Gen5 upgrade :slight_smile:

Best, Bob

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I can describe a bit in words,

Working with measurements and also listening to reference loudspeaker systems this will give you some idea. This calibrates the LCD-2 and brings it close to a pair of monitors in a well treated room.

  1. Adds about 1.5dB of bass < 150Hz
  2. Adds a tiny bit of lower mids between 500 and 1kHz
  3. Adds some Presence centered around 3.75kHz
  4. Evens out upper-mids to lower-treble transition, brings 6kHz a bit down and increases around 8kHz a little up.

Yes, I’m currently developing a free piece of software that imports REW filters into Roon. Send me a PM for more info :slight_smile:

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Hi @KMan,

Really appreciate what you’re doing and this feature in Roon is amazing!
I own a pair of 2014 Fazored LCD-3s which had their drivers replaced late last year.

What I’m interested to know, since there are several revisions of each of the headphones (For example for the LCD-3 there’s pre and post Fazor, and updated drivers in 2016, and probably even more tweaks I’m not aware of), which revision do you use for your measurements and listening when creating the DSP profile? There are sometimes significant differences between the revisions so I’m guessing there’s no “one size fits all” solution.

Thanks :slightly_smiling_face:

Thanks @Chikolad. How are you liking the presets with your LCD-3?

All Fazored versions of LCD-2/3 will benefit from the presets because of how we designed these calibration presets.

Pre-Fazor versions could benefit too but gets a bit more subjective


@KMan, I only had like 15 minutes of listening with the LCD-3 preset so far so I’m reserving my final judgement, but I think I like what I hear. The easiest thing to notice for me was that some parts of the bass get toned down a little, and overall the sound feels a bit more dynamic.
EDIT: I take back what I said about the more dynamic sound. I think overall what the preset does it make everything flatter, not allowing any frequency to outshine others. Which is the purpose of this DSP I guess.

I’ll need to try the EL-8C preset with my pair too :slight_smile:
EDIT: I tried the EL-8 preset and the result is similar. I noticed that in some tracks some sub-bass was added which was nice.

EDIT 2: I decided a absolutely love these presets!

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Another vote for the LCD-3 (Fazor) presets. I was surprised at how much the sound improved after applying the preset. After doing a bit of side-by-side on/off comparison, I decided to set it and forget it – it sounds great.

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