Audio analysis info [Analysis Stuck]

Agree that knowing the file locations to backup could save users from data loss as currently I don’t backup my whole PC hard drive.@mike is it possible for you to post the different OS locations? (maybe this should be a separate topic?)


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Thanks @danny. Will also be in contact soon about migrating to new PC as I’m sold on roon and will be buying a PC for the purpose.

First of all.

you have made a great job. a really good way of playing Music.

I got some problem with Background Audio Analysis.
It hangs. the stops to analyzing.
i got about 180.000 songs in my folders. (Only whatched folders)
sometimes it stops at a coluple of thousands. (Max i got before it stopped was 18.000 something. )

Now its just standing at 0/123083 wich means there is 123083 songs left to analyze :smile:
i have tried to restart roon a coluple of times. also restarted the computer.

Any ideas on what todo ?

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Now its analyzing again. after a restart of roon.

it stoppet after analyzing 38 posts. :frowning:

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Hi Torstein,
Let’s set some notifications for @mike and @vova to check this out for you. Can you provide some system details which will help identify known issues ?


Using IBM Thinkcenter M93 computer. Intel Core I5-4570T Cpu @2.90Hz The computer is only running Roon.
16gb memory.
Running windows 8.1Enterprise 64-bit fully updated.
Using latest version of Roon.

My Music is located on a Synology Ds1813+
Im using Wifi from my computer to my router.

Roon is watching 2 folders containing Music. first folder is where evertything is 100% soreted in folders. (49997 tracks)
second is the folder where the Music needs to be sorted :smile: (121236 Tracks)
Im using Asio to play to my Primare Pre60.

i also are using tidal Hifi

anything else of inofmrtion you need?. just let me know.

as i wrote in the beginning. you have made a fantastic work with Roon. im using it everyday to explore Music. read about artists. i just love it :smile:

Hi Torstein,

The Support devs will be investigating further, but there have been a number of users reporting a similar issue and I am wondering if Tidal is a common factor. Could I suggest signing out of Tidal and seeing if that makes a difference ?

Just testet to logout from TIDAL. reboot my computer

after analyzing 17/122884 ist stuck again :frowning: so my answer is still NoGo :smile:

Thank you for fast response !!

i might have a solution.
if i change from Fast to normal. it starts again. for a while. then changing from normal to fast again. it continues for a While.

Its quite easy to see if its stuck or not. the bandwidh is around 32Mbit when running. and Zero then stuck.

(Its a solution. but not a good one :-))

New Info:

Still running on Fast speed. analyzed 284/122880 :smile:

It stopped at 2874/122880

turned it of. then on. it continues from 2874.

Any news on this?

Right now im no able to analyze anything. its just says scanning 0/118xxx

Can i sypply with adittional information in some way ?

Hi Torstein,

Let’s leave a further notification for @mike and @vova to check it out.

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Hi @Torstein_Kvamme,

Sorry for the trouble, and for the slow response here. I’m going to follow up via PM so we can get some logs and figure out what’s going on here.

Stand by!

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Hi @mike, my analysis was stuck on 1/1215 so I looked at the logs and saw Black Eyed Peas E_N_D mentioned, so I deleted the album and sure enough the analysis started again. Now it is stuck on 0 / 908 but if I look in the logs there is no mention of a track/album it is stuck on. Is there a place in the log where I should look for what it is stuck on.

Hey @NickB – we can look at the logs, but would you mind giving me some details about your system? There are a couple causes of this kind of issue that aren’t related to media, so I want to rule those out before we start looking over logs.


Hi @mike

This is an experimental system running on a Qnap NAS as a virtual Win10 PC. It is set up as a 2 core Celeron 2.0 GHz with 4 GB memory and a small (800) album database running from a mapped drive on the same Qnap NAS. Running the latest Roon 1.02 outputting to a Raspberry Pi with HiFi Berry digi+.

Same here at appr. 50 %

turned of TIDAL. Thats the solution. 5000 files where left over for stuck analyses. When TIDAL was turned off, everything was ready analysed!
Turning TIDAL back on, the exact same files where not analysed and analysis did not move a bit.

@wolf it seems that with latest Roon release (yesterday’s build 142) audio analysis are working fine (now on 570 out of 59k , so will see tomorrow how it went, but before it was stuck in track no. 5 or so… :slight_smile:

Now with build 154, I have noticed that Audio Analysis appears to have got stuck:

It has not advanced past 74/373. This is on an Intel NUC with a Core i3.

@Geoff_Coupe, turn analysis off, wait 1 minute then turn it on again.