Audio devices for Devialet Air and Airplay missing


since some weeks or even months I do not see the audio devices of my Devialet Expert Pro and also of the Devialet Phantoms anymore beside USB.
There have been Devialet AIR support been available before and also the AIRPLAY support of the Devialet was available and still is when I use my iPad or iTunes.

I have Roon (actual version) running on my iMac (actual MacOS) which is connected via ethernet to the router.
The Devialet Expert Pro is also wired directly to the router. So is the Devialet Dialog which is the controling device for the Devialet Phantoms.

Since AIRPLAY works from other devices and also from iTunes on the iMac, I wonder what got Roon to not seeing both the Devialet Expert Pro with its ETH and AIRPLAY interface, as with the Devialet Phantoms.

Is there a way to reset Roon to get a cleanup, maybe. Or is it a known bug?

Addendum: What I just realised is that Roon on my iPad/iPhone does not find the Roon Core anymore. This error is probably coming from the same “bug”.


Hello @Chris_Passon,

Please provide a brief description of your current setup using this link as a guide.

Make sure to describe your network configuration/topology, including any networking hardware currently in use, so we can have a clear understanding of how your devices are communicating.


Hi John

here the involved hardware:
Roon Core Version 1.5 (build 334) stable 64 bit running on
MacOS 10.13.6 iMac 5k Retina 28’’ ultimo 2014)
Devialet Expert 220 Pro CI with AIRPLAY and ETH enabled
Devialet Phantom Gold with AIRPLAY
Music on SSD attached via USB to iMac
Roon App 1.5.00333 on iPhone and iPad

The Mac, the Devialet Expert Pro and the Devialet Dialog are all connected via ETH to the WLAN router (Fritz!Box 6360)

iTunes on the iMac (where Roon Core is running) sees the Devialet devices AIRPLAY port and can play music.
Roon on the same iMac does not see the Devialet devices AIRPLAY devices and also an Airport Express that iTunes can see.

And the Devialet AIR roon direct support also is missing. Only when I have the Devialet AIR software running on the Mac Roon sees the AIR audio interface but I prefer the roon native Devialet AIR support, which was working before.

Here some screenshots showing roon audio settings and iTunes airplay menu



Hello @Chris_Passon,

It looks like we need to add Roon to the firewall exception list on your Mac. I have included a link from Apple with the instructions on how to do so. Please make sure to restart the computer after making this change.



works again fine.
The rules in the firewall were set to block ROON and ROON RAAT connections.
Little Snitch was the bad guy. When I unlocked the ports in the apple firewall, Little Snitch immediately jumped in when my iPad roon app connected and made specific rules in stealth mode.

Thanks again for the fast help.


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