Audio Devices "gone"

Oddly Room not showing any of my audio devices any more. Rebooted my Nucleus+. Still nada. Running latest version. Ideas?

@support - any ideas?

Mark have you tried rebooting the audio devices themselves and then going into Settings ->Audio and seeing what’s there
Also you have not stated whether these devices are directly connected or running over Ethernet or WiFi

Thanks Michael. Yes have rebooted multiple times. The Nut+ is connected to the home network over ethernet

Sorry I meant the audio devices that are missing
How are they connected and have you rebooted them

I have a Brooklyn DAC connected to a Sonore ultraRendu connected to network via Ethernet and to the Brooklyn DAC via USB

(Sonore - ultraRendu)

Making sense?

Again, thanks!

Yes that makes sense.
Can ping the devices from your computer to make sure they are responding.

Also send a screenshot of what you see in Settings -->Audio

Not sure how to ping the Sonore device from my Mac.

Here is a screen shot though from within Roon…

Ideas on how to ping the Sonore?

So when you say gone, you mean all gone…
I was not expecting that.

Is the Mac your Core?
I would expect to see your local devices and microphone

Core is a Nucleus+

I would normally say ping the devices shown in the Audio devices.

Something looks to be wrong with the core seeing the network.

I am guessing that you have Roon running on the Mac as well and that should show up the Audio settings

I don’t use the Mac as a Roon core. Starting to wonder if the issue is the Sonore streamer not working properly

To ping Sonore products type in This should list all Sonore products on your network and allow you to reload Roon ect.

No I meant as a Roon client, so I would expect the Mac headphone output to show up

That said. I have had problems with my OpticalRendu connecting to Roon over the last month. It has been an on and off problem, not showing up in Roon then showing up but not playing. Finally, it just will not show up on the network. I think it has to do with not reading the software off the memory card and not booting up.
Really a great piece of equipment but, IMHO, it runs too hot and is subject to failure.

Unfortunately that is showing nothing. Just ordered a new card from Small Green Computers w/ latest software to reload Sonore software… hoping that works.

It has been my unfortunate experience that the SD cards in the various Rendu units fail way too often IMHO.
One aspect certainly with the microRendu was that it ran blisteringly hot even with a SGC official PS of 7vdc.

Before I moved on I think I replaced 3 SD cards total in two different Rendu units.

That has been my take as well. Too small of a footprint with too much heat. I see their latest streamer has a much larger base.

But I am not realizing … thinking that the issue is not related to the Sonore device … I am back to thinking its Roon and/or something with the Nucleus+…

I have a second DAC for a second listening space… and that DAC, the Mytek Brooklyn Bridge has a built in streamer (and networking. That is also not showing up in Roon.

So now totally confused … ideas?