Audio Eingang für Ropieee / Audio input for Ropieee

Hallo Harry
Hast du dir auch schon mal überlegt, am Ropieee zusätzlich zum Audio Ausgang auch einen Eingang zu haben? Damit können die schönen, guten alten Analoggeräte wie Plattenspieler, Tonband etc. über den ROON Core an alle ROON Endgeräte gestreamt werden.
Ich bin im Netz auf JACK Audio Connection Kit gestossen. Möglicherweise könnte diese Software eingesetzt werden. Oder sogar das RAAT, dass gar kein Fremdprotokoll notwendig ist.
Bin gespannt auf deine Antwort.
Viele Grüsse

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Google translation…

Hello Harry,

Have you ever thought about having an input on the Ropieee in addition to the audio output? Thus, the beautiful, good old analog devices such as turntables, tape etc. are streamed via the ROON Core to all ROON devices.

I found JACK Audio Connection Kit on the net. Maybe this software could be used. Or even the RAAT, that no external protocol is necessary.

I’m looking forward to your answer.

Many greetings

HI @Hannes_Moser,

(Thanks @carl!)

Yes actually I have. Some time ago someone posted an idea of hacking something together.
Idea is basically that a Pi acts like a streaming unit which takes analog input and converts this into a digital stream that acts like a digital radio channel.

This digital radio channel you can add in Roon (internet Radio) and voila :wink:

The only reason this hasnt’ happen is basically time, but winter is coming so who knows :wink:


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Hi Harry
Winter is now here :wink:.
Since we have all been waiting for at least five years for an “Input Device”
(Line-in input as source)
and Roon seems to have no interest in it,
it would be nice if you could implement it in RoPieee (Can a local server stream FLAC to Roon?).

Many thanks for your great work!

Which AD converter did you have in mind?

Hallo Harry

Schön, dass du dich der Sache nochmals annimmst.
Ich habe keinen speziellen A/D wandler im Kopf.
Eine einfache USB Sound Karte (z.B. C-media), die ohne speziellen Treiber funktioniert, reicht schon (für den Anfang).

Herzlichen Dank und ich freue mich auf deine Rückmeldung

That would limit selection to a Pi4 as the USB port on earlier Pi designs are known to have issues (sharing hardware and processing with the ethernet port). I’d easily buy a Pi4 for the purpose though. There are some decent ADs with USB ports and some record players too. Would make an easy start, as you say.

Something like a HiFiBerry DAC+ ADC (Pro)?

There not very good imo for digitising, took all the fun out of the music. You need amuch better ADC with proper gain controls and then software with ability to capture at 24bit liquidsoap on pi is limited to 16bit only.

I just want to chime in to write that I too would be interested in this feature.
My goal would be to connect a Google Chromecast Audio to the Pi via toslink. This way, I would be able to cast from all the apps that support Google Cast.
Hardware-wise, the DIGI+ I/O or the DAC+ DSP Hifiberry Hats could provide the necessary digital input.

You can already do this with Entypoints extension and diet pi by @Jan_Koudijs , check it out in tinkering section.

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