"Audio stream format not supported" for 7digital files

Core Machine (Operating system/System info/Roon build number)

Ubuntu server/ ? / 1.6 build 416 64bit
Files on a Drobo mounted in /mnt/drobo on the Ubuntu server.

Description Of Issue

I had a collection consisting of mp3s, m4as and flacs. I converted all the flacs to m4as using:

ffmpeg -i input.flac -y -acodec alac out.m4a

Everything in the collection imported in to a fresh new Roon database except for the 8 files in my collection that were recent (17th Oct) purchases from 7digital (all other flacs in my collection were my own CD rips). Actually, 1 random album of my own CD rip also did not import.

The reason for not importing is “Audio stream format not supported”.

All these files play fine in VLC and iTunes on my Windows PC, and on my iPhone (the collection folder that Roon imported is also my iTunes library).

Is there another way I can convert these (while staying lossless) to make Roon happy? Is there a way to tell Roon to just try and import them again?

Try converting flac to flac. Sometimes headers can get messed up. Other players don’t care about those type of errors. Roon does.

It needs to end up in an iTunes-supported format. Will it be helpful to convert the m4a alac to flac and back to alac again? Using ffmpeg again? Is there another conversion tool that won’t mess up the headers?

just convert from alac to alac. no need for FLAC intermediate step. I think @Rugby assumed your files were FLAC files.

Hi @Sendu,

As suggested above, try converting the files and let us know if that helps!

Alac->alac didn’t help, but alac->flac->alac fixed all the files.

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