Audio zones disappeared

Roon Core Machine

Nucleus Version: 1.0 (build 227) Serial # 54B2039B404D

Networking Gear & Setup Details

CenturyLink Modem/Router Model:C4000XG

Connected Audio Devices

-Mac Mini OS X1015.7
-Marantz SR 7015

-Marantz CR 612
-Marantz CR 603

Library Size

1299 albums

Description of Issue

Yesterday I switched internet providers and hardware. Roon recognized the new network settings and worked fine. This morning the only audio zones to show up wre my Mac Mini and my ipad.
Yes, I have rebooted everything, devices, modem/router, Nucleus and restarted Roon several times.

Do the three Marantz devices need to be pointed to the “new” network, i.e. get new IP addresses assigned? And to be added to the new wireless access (if there is a new access point being used)?
I am not familiar with how they are set-up, whether they use DHCP or Static IPs?

The Marantz devices have all been “pointed” to the new network. If that mean going into their respective setup programs and testing the network connection.
I don’t know DHCP from Static IPs from Shinola.
I see my original description did not also point out the disappearance of the Mac7200. It has an ether net wire directly into the DAC.

it all used to work flawlessly, now it doesn’t.

Let me summerize: used to work great. changed modem and router, now it only sees this lowly Mac Mini and an ipad.

Revised situation. The McIntosh MAC 7200 is connected directly to the nucleus via usb. Roon does see that and works perfectly. Roon does not see the Marantz devices. I believe they connect via airplay. The network sees them, their ip addresses show up. Roon used to show them as audio zones. Now they are MIA.

Hey @Peter_Armstrong thanks so much for sharing with us, the issue you are experiencing. I’m sorry to hear this, but I’m happy to help.

It sounds like this is related to the new router/modem, since it is only affecting Airplay devices. Do the devices show up if you connect them via Ethernet directly to the router?

We have seen users have a better experience in the past if they change their Router’s DNS servers from the ISP provided ones to Cloudflare DNS, Quad9 or Google DNS. Can you please give this a try and let me know if it helps?

Thanks Ashley. The Marantz SR 7015 is hard wired to the router via an Ethernet cable ( through a switch). The Marantz CR 612 & 603 are wireless.
I have no idea what changing my router’s DNS server means, but I’ll follow those links and try to educate myself.

Thanks for the update! I wanted to share some instructions that might be helpful for changing the DNS: Google DNS Change Instructions

I wonder, what happens if you remove the switch from the equation and connect the Marantz SR 7015 directly to the router? Does that specific device show up properly in Roon?

Can you also confirm that all devices are on the latest firmware update? :pray:t3:

Ok, so now I know a little about DNS servers. While it appears to be advantageous for web security and browsing speed, I don’t understand how it will help Roon find the audio zones on my network.

Oh my, you are so right to question that step! My apologies for the misdirection - this would not help in this specific instance.

We’d like to switch focus to the router. Is the previous router still in connected? We would like to see if you’re able to temporarily disconnect the router that the Nucleus is not plugged into. Can you then make sure that the Marantz devices are connecting to the correct network?

The new router is combined with the modem. See attached picture. I still have the TP-LINK AC1750 I was using before. Do you suggest I connect it off of an Ethernet port on the new modem/router? Is that kosher?

No - that’s likely to increase your problems. Could we take a step back for the moment? You’ve said that your new C4000XG router/modem sees your Mac mini, your iPad and your Marantz devices. You haven’t mentioned your Nucleus and your Mac7200 - does it list those devices in its list of connected devices?

It would be helpful if you could show us a diagram of your network showing how all your devices are currently connected. E.g.:

You don’t have to produce a fancy diagram like this; a photo taken with your smartphone of a simple pencil sketch will do…

Thank you for your help, I truly appreciate it.

Add images

Here is the current situation: The zone labeled Cavern is the Mac Mini. There should be endpoints or zones for: --the AVR (SR7015) --the CR 603 --the CR 612 All of the zones showed up, and played before I changed the modem/router combination. That was the only change prior to the current status.

Thanks again for your help.

Thanks for the diagram and screenshots. Very helpful, but puzzling, because the network configuration looks fine, and yet clearly there are Audio devices not being seen by the Nucleus.

Your diagram shows the iPad as an endpoint, yet this is also missing from the list. If you open Roon on the iPad, and go to Settings > Audio, what do you see?

Here’s two screenshots because the iPad screen doesn’t accommodate the entire list on one screen.

It is strange that the iPad lists itself as an audio device when using Settings > Audio on the iPad, but it is apparently missing from the list in Settings > Audio on the Mac mini. I would expect to see it on both. What is the IP address of the iPad? Thanks.

Peter’s iPad.

Here’s everything else:

Still puzzling. All the devices are on the same IP subnet (192.168.0.x), I assume that Airplay hasn’t been disabled in the settings of your Marantz devices, and this shouldn’t be a firewall issue (because your Core is on the Nucleus), so I’m afraid I’m out of ideas here. Hope that someone from the Support team has a better clue as to what’s going on here…

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