Audiolab Omnia Problems

I just bought a Audiolab Omnia that is Roon Tested, but it is not show on my Roon insalation, any idea?

What are you using as input to the omnia?
It isn’t roon ready so you won’t find it on the network, you need something plugged into it.

If Omnia has Airplay it should be available as Airplay device in your Roon settings - Audio, from there enable it. Other option is to connect it to your Roon core with coax/opt cable (or use separate streamer/roon bridge that you connect to Omnia).

[edit: no Airplay in Omnia, so that is not an option]

It doesn’t have airplay. Aside from Spotify connect it just has crappy playfi

Thanks, you are correct no Airplay, my mistake!

thanks guys, If roon publish that the device is Roon tested, shouldn’t they have tested? maybe someone working on Roon can write how they did, because I couldn’t yet

It looks like Roon and Audiolab are not in agreement about the status of that device. Roon says “Roon Tested,” Audiolab says “Roon Ready.” It’s not the first time that a manufacturer jumps the gun in advertising “Roon Ready” even though Roon as not finished certifying it. Roon Ready devices have to have a specific network connectivity performance that Roon has certified. Roon Tested devices may only have been tested for non-network connectivity such as USB or HDMI. The fact that your device has an ethernet jack does not mean (yet?) that it works with Roon.

It’s definitely not Roon Ready, Darko quote

There’s no Apple AirPlay, Chromecast Built-in or Roon Readiness.

Even on the audiolab website it says roon ready but thevblurb they then quote is all about roon tested.

Thanks, so Roon ready is not like my Chromecast that I can see it in the list of audio devices roon tested,
ok, so Room ready is just marketing and means really nothing. Good to know, thanks

We have partnered with audiolab to connect you to a whole new world of music • Try Roon Free for 14 Days • Experience your audiolab products like never before.

This text come from roon when I wrote before, so I guess is just marketing and means nothing, ok, nice to know

It looks more like audiolab is marketing the omnia as something it isn’t. It is not Roon Ready. It may be Roon Tested but that would imply just a usb dac input scenario for example, and not via the network.

You might be right, but seems to me not just Audiolab promoting something confusing

“We have partnered with audiolab to connect you to a whole new world of music • Try Roon Free for 14 Days • Experience your audiolab products like never before.”

This message is from Roon. And the experience is not like my Google Chromecast roon tested device. shame.

Not at all. Roon Ready means something very specific. That the manufacturer has embedded Roon endpoint code in the device, and that the network implementation has been tested and verified by Roon. This device is not Roon Ready, Roon has not said it was Roon Ready, and reputably reviewers (Darko) have pointed out it is not Roon Ready.

Does it? When I follow your link this is what I see. Roon specifically stating that it is Roon Tested and then a blurb describing what that means. Quoted.


You will note that it says Roon Tested.

roon ready

Since the device, has neither HDMI, Airplay or Chromecast, I would image that it means it was tested via USB. So, in this case you would plug your Core into it via USB, or, use a network Roon endpoint to feed the device.

The bad marketing is directly on the Audiolab’s site.

Note that the Headline is Roon Ready, but the highlighted text says Roon Tested.

Now, it maybe that in the future the device might become Roon Ready. The benefit of software driven endpoints is that they can be updated, expanded with firmware releases. And what we are seeing is Audiolabs, announcing something before it has actually been finalized, we don’t know. You can only describe that device as it is now… Roon Tested.

Yup, you’re right , I guess is my mistake to assume that other protocols could have mean DTS Play Fi.
Because using my roon just as player is not my idea of “a whole new experience Roon promote”
I guess as always is my fault for filling the blanks, thanks.for your help

Other protocols means Sonos, Squeezebox, Linn, etc which are detailed in the FAQ describing which protocols are supported.

As stated before, you can plug the core in via USB, or, get a network endpoint to feed the device. And Yes, I understand it defeats the purpose of the Omnia if you have to feed it with a different network endpoint.

For good or bad is always good to receive an answer, that’s good too, thanks guys.

Wow! I thought this device did not release until December. I’ve had my eye on it. Roon actually released a post that said it was Roon tested. I will attach the post. Where did you find this device so quick? Can you tell me if artwork shows up on the screen when playing? That was one thing I could not figure out with the initial reviews of the device?

Hi, Nope, artwork is not displayed.but I tell you in the 3th page of the manual is writen “…IAG group LTD and roon have colaborated to ensure you have the best experince…bla bla” all bull…, I feel cheated, I wouldn’t recomended to buy it

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Well Dang… That sux. Thx for the heads up. I will take it off my want list…