Audirvana Studio

If you are going to resort to upnp then just use bubbleupnp for free?

It’s actually come a long way since the early days and I rarely have any problems with it any longer.
Sure, no Bio but that’s why it’s free…lol

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‘mconnect’ is also a decent app and more polished than Bubble UPnP.

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Bubble UPnP is actually quite a good player, but it cannot play DSD files and unfold MQA. Audirvana Studio can do both and transfer native DSD and the first MQA unfold wirelessly directly to AVR. And fully agree - MConnect is better.

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I used to use mconnect when I had a bluesound vault 2.
It was ok from memory.

I will not be changing from Roon anytime soon though….

Tell that to Apple iOS users

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I agree since late 1.7 and continuing through 1.8 my Roon IOS UI experience has been less than stellar. I’ve reached out to Roon, but I have to date I’ve gotten no more than a few replies asking for my configuration… sad part is my server is a Nucleus +.

I guess the answer is to keep my head down and suck it up.

Ouch - I don’t have a Mac. I suppose no software is perfect. When I wrote this, I was comparing the headache I was having with Audirvana compared to Roon. At the time, Audirvana was going through a rough patch, they still are in a way but they have been working away at it and things have improved significantly. Unfortunately, that is also relative, there is still a long way to go.

+1 RAAT is what makes ROON the best experience for multiple devices. I’ve got 8 Bluesound devices and 2 computers hooked up to DAC’s feeding different amps.

I also like how ROON folds my local library and streaming libraries together. SQ for my ears is also better than AS. EQ, headroom, upsampling all work seamlessly. My experience with Audirvana was less than stellar, crashes, stalling etc. My ROON core is running on an i7 with 16GB RAM – Audirvana just did not cut it for me.


My Audirvana Studio one year trial ended today. Until/unless I have a good reason, I will not renew my subscription for a second year. While I like Audirvana Studio OK, I don’t need it. I’m now using Roon at home (on Nucleus) and away from home (on laptop). I have Audirvana 3.5 and Apple Music as “fallback” for Roon.


I canceled my Audirvana Studio subscription. Audirvana’s endless UPnP problems drove me mad. In the last few months the focus shifted more and more to using Roon with its rock solid app and its flexibility.

Still have a 3.5 license which I don’t use because of this. Constant issues with UPnP made me go crazy.

I also did this , no matter what I twiddle I still can’t get on with the UI

it’s now nearly a year since the launch and the UPNP woes continue , the stop, skip buttons simply do not work on my Cambridge Audio CXN. I start a track in the Audirvana app then find another app to stop it

No real loss , Roon covers my audio needs, JRiver my video

And this is why Roon developed RAAT.

Very true!

It‘s sad, I quite liked Audirvana’s sound, it was very natural, though leaning a tad towards dark. But my feeling is that they rest on the laurels of sound quality and lost track of improving the UI, not to speak about solving issues many users complained about.

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more like this I thought…

I think that’s a bit unfair. Audirvana Studio does offer a more congenial UI than previous iterations. May not be to your liking, but that’s subjective.
I think it’s important to understand what AS is good at and not compare it to Roon in terms of library management capabilities. As for the latter, it falls short in many respects.
But it’s very good at streaming. True, UPnP is a bit hit and miss. I’m lucky that I have no issues with it; in fact, it’s as rock solid as Roon’s RAAT protocol in my setup.
I use AS much more now than Roon for a number of reasons:

  1. No need to dedicate a computer to it and have it on the whole time.
  2. Faster.
  3. Better SQ (to my ears, clearly).
  4. Booklets are seamlessly integrated.
  5. Dirac-Live integration.

As to problems, it’s not exactly as if Roon offered a hassle-fee experience for everybody.

I wish Roon invested more energy into making sure that we get the best possible SQ, and that, in my book, definitely includes the integration of various DSP plug-ins.

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I didn’t compare AS with Roon. Roon was some kind of a refuge after having had so many problems with UPnP.

I do agree that AS sounds better than Roon, at least in my system. That’s why I kept using AS, and Audirvana 3.5 for that matter, for so long.

But being plagued with UPnP made me to use a reliable system, and that’s Roon for sure. But I also use other systems, BubbleUPnP with MinimServer and there, UPnP is rock solid, never having any issues. So I do wonder why some systems work reliably with UPnP and AS keeps failing.

Nevertheless, I do like AS, but I needed a break. It could very well be that after a while, I‘ll renew my AS subscription.

How can streaming be “good”, if their UPnP implementation is full of bugs.
I had nothing but problems last year. If they make Studio usable, I will resubscribe.
Right now, I have no use for it. I am not an eternal beta tester. And what is worse, they don’t listen. Jriver works flawless in my setup. If they don’t get their act together, Audirvana is poised to disappear
from the market, like sonic studios Amarra. Another piece of junk.

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The real issue is that UPnP is so variable, you get some users raving about out others cursing it .

If UPnP works (and in some implementations it does work well) then its a fair competitor to RAAT but Roon has much tighter control with RAAT and who implements it UPnP is a wide audience with no control. It is not necessarily bad but can vary on implementation.

As on its launch was a disaster (read early ? the ios/android control app wasn’t available for several weeks after the main app launch), I use a Cambridge Audio CXN V1 , not exactly an esoteric bit of kit. Using JRiver Media Server everything “just worked”. AS at V1 simply didn’t work, it wouldn’t play a track. They gave a 30 day trial during which my CNX didn’t play a NOTE !! Foolishly (?) I subscribed to their reduce offer as a 3.5 license holder.

Eventually they came up with a workaround (Up-sample everything to 192) which worked but as far as Plug n Pay the CXN simply failed. Eventually 6 months later they introduced a “switch” for Raw PCM for renderers with issues which fixed the CXN.

My use case is as a server with an iPad app controlling everything from my chair. The app and the main PC windows app allow a track start but then lose control of the play stream. On the PC I close the app to stop play on the iPad I use another app to stop/skip etc usually the StreamMagic app . NOT Good.

It allows a mix of Tidal and local but still clumsily compared to Roon.

Ironically to me it does sound different (Better ??) which is why I persevered in the first case.

As I stated above I doubt I will renew my subscription in August.