B1254 Album sort preference by Original Release Date ignored in Discography [Edit: However, explains only some misplaced albums] [Ticket in]


Edit: However, this explains only some and not all wrong placements

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Actually I have noticed this for considerable time but not sure though when this started (before or after EA become available, or if it’s in production as well), and never got around to reporting. Some albums are out of order in Discography by release date. I see this with at least the following two artist - the only ones I checked because I have a large collection of them, with many local files as well, and really care / know about the dates:

Sorting is set to original release date:

When looking in the Overview or My Albums in date order, it is correct. However, in Discography some are out of order although most are correct. Most of the affected albums have manually edited release dates. However, it can’t be only this, because:

  • Some albums are correctly sorted although they also have edited dates.
  • Some albums are incorrectly sorted although they have Roon-supplied dates.

Here’s Sonic Youth in the Discography overview, I marked those that are out of order in red:

These are the date details of the incorrectly sorted Sonic Youth albums:

Live at the Continental Club:

Live in Venlo, Holland:

SYR 6: Koncertas Stan Brakhage Prisinimui:

SYR 8: Andre sider af Sonic Youth

Smart Bar Chicago 1985:

The Diamond Sea (note - in the overview screenshot above, this was not yet added to the library for some reason, I added it now, and same issue)

Spinhead Sessions:

Live in Moscow:

Take My Hand:

Here’s one out of several examples for an album that has an edited data but nevertheless is sorted correctly. Sonic Death: Sonic Youth Live:

Here’s another artist, Giant Sand. Out of about 35, most are correct but some are not:

Again, the date details of the incorrect albums:

Black Out / Stromausfall:

Is All Over … the Map. (This has a date coming from Roon):

Backyard Barbecue Broadcast. (Also with date coming from Roon):

Beyond the Valley of Rain:

Another case with Bob Dylan where I didn’t edit any dates. I have all (IIRC) his main albums in my library but many are not, and up to here everything is OK, but then “No Direction Home” (not in library and hence not edited) is out of order:

Then OK again until “Another Self Portrait”, which is in-library and the date edited because I wanted it sorted next to the original Self Portrait.

NOTE: I think I got it now. In Discography, the albums seem to be sorted by the Release Date and not the Original Release Date, although the sort setting is Original Release Date. This seems unfortunate.
Edit: However, this explains only some and not all wrong placements

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Hi, @Suedkiez, thank you for the detailed report. If I am getting correctly your complaint here the setting you are referring to is only applied to the Browser sorting. It’s located under the Browser Sort Preferences in the Settings menu. That’s why it does work correctly in the browser but not on the Discography page.

The problem with in consistent sorting on the Discography page is something worth investigating, though. @andrew.v is going to take a look at this.



To be honest I am not quite sure anymore what my complaint is :slight_smile: There seem to be two overlapping behaviors that made it initially very confusing: The Discography using the release date (apparently expected) and some possibly unexpected inconsistencies within that.

At first I only noticed a right mess in Discography and thought something must be wrong.

Then while/after documenting, I kind of figured out that “original release date” doesn’t apply on Discography, but I wasn’t sure if that’s on purpose. Although it’s under the Browser Sort Preferences in the Settings menu, it does not only apply to the album browser but also to Overview. Here marked in green are albums that are sorted by “original release date” in Overview (but by “release date” under Discography as per the screenshots above):

So it seemed odd to me that “original release date” affects Overview and Browser but just not Discography. But if that’s on purpose, then I guess you have a reason.

And then finally I saw that the “Discography does not use original release date” explains most but not all sort results, such as “Sonic Death: Sonic Youth Live” which seems to be sorted by original release date after all in Discography.

As a side note, many of the albums in the above screenshots have odd edited original release dates because they are live albums and I wanted to sort them within the actual chronological development of the band - if a live album is released 20 years after the fact, it still kind of belongs into the time when the concert was played, at least when exploring an artist chronologically. It would be neat if there was a third date field and sorting option for that. Or maybe simply an additional “sort by recording date” browsing option would be sufficient (although that’s a slightly different thing for studio albums) as it would at least give a strictly chronological overview. (If recording date is not set, it would use one of the other dates as configured in the browser preferences)

Hi, @Suedkiez, we could replicate the problem and sent a ticket to our dev team.



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Thank you. Would you maybe want to take a look at two sorting reports in production, which might be related (or not). Edit: They are for the artist name sorting though, I confused the issues :slight_smile:

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And this 3rd one for date sorting.

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Thank you, @Suedkiez, we are going to take a look.


Hi. Are you still taking a look?

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Hi, @Graham_Getty, there is an open ticket for this issue with our dev team.



Just a polite reminder that this issue is still not fixed for PC or iOS apps. Neither respect the album dates for sorting setting.
ARC, however, does seem to be fixed and now respects the album dates for sorting setting.

Hi Ivan can i just check - is this ticket still open?

Hi, @Graham_Getty, yes, it is, it is with our dev team. Unfortunately, I cannot specify the timeframe when the potential fix will be ready.



Hi. Any progress with getting a fix for this?

Hi @Graham_Getty !

The ticket is still with our dev team :pensive:

I’ll provide an update on this matter as soon as we’ll have more information.

Thanks for your patience!

I thought B1389 would fix this for me based on the release notes:

but it hasn’t; maybe I am misunderstanding what this fix was about

Hi, @Suedkiez, based on the ticket’s status it is still not done. Sorry for that.



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No worries, happy as long as someone knows what’s going on. I just wasn’t sure :wink:

That setting doesn’t apply to the Discography section by design from what I understood during 1.8 testing. That setting affects the Album page and the Discography section. This is also true of the “Hide” or “Show” duplicates option.