Roon-2-0-15 breaks album dates for sorting setting

This affects Windows PC client & iOS Remote app
It impacts local collections
It appears on the Overview tab of the artist
build 1244 still respects the setting, build 1259 does not

Hi guys can you check the album dates for sorting setting in the latest Roon update. In the albums within artists view that setting now seems to be ignored and it always sorts on the original release date. I’m seeing it on the Windows client and the IOS Roon remote. ARC seems OK.

Is this on the artist’s Discography tab?

Yes. I know it’s the latest update that caused it because I have a 2nd Windows 10 machine running Roon which I didn’t update and that still adheres to the setting.

Thanks. Very interesting because I reported this in Early Access but couldn’t remember if it had always been like this, and then was told that it’s to be expected in Discography :slight_smile: Would be great if you could add your info there:

Ah, sorry now I see it in Overview. I’ve not seen Discography. I use a purely local collection. I presume discography comes along with streaming services?

Ok that’s strange because it did list by Original date in the Overview for me, the original date was just ignored in Discography, which I found odd (but seems to be expected). Yes, Discography is only displayed with streaming

I guess yours is a different but possibly related issue

It would be great if you could post screenshots with examples. Maybe @ivan can take a look then

Here are some screen shots.
Just for context, I like to use the release date to order the albums, grouping different versions of the same album together. I use the original release date (paradoxically) to show the actual release date because this is displayed on the screen under the album. It provides useful instant info to see when the remaster, bluray, sacd etc versions were released. Ideally Roon would have a setting to control whether it was the release date or original release date that was shown. But it doesn’t.

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Roon V2.0 build 1244
Album dates for Sorting Setting - Release Date…

Roon V2.0 build 1244
Album dates for Sorting Setting - Original Release Date…

Roon V2.0 build 1259
Album dates for Sorting Setting - Release Date…

Roon V2.0 build 1259
Album dates for Sorting Setting - Original Release Date…

@support any comment on this?

Support takes more than 2 days, especially if it’s not critical. In Early Access they just confirmed the issue that I reported about date sorting in build 1254, which may or may not be similar to yours

Cheers. I created a simple test to show the issue. These albums should swap over when the album dates for sorting setting is set to Release date but they don’t swap.

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And by the way I pointed out this thread in the EA topic as well:

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Still broke after the latest update. I wonder when Roon will notice this Setting option is broke?

They know.

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I got excited then. I spun up Roon on my iPad and the album sort was respecting the album dates for sorting setting. But then I realised the app it was back levelled to build 1192. Ah well, at least it allowed me to get visual proof that it used to work…


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From what I can see after the latest update the ‘album dates for sorting’ setting is still not fixed.

Roon Core Machine

Core is on Windows 10 PC. This issue affects the PC client, iOS Remote app, and ARC.

Networking Gear & Setup Details

This issue has nothing to do with the network…

Connected Audio Devices

…nor the audio devices

Number of Tracks in Library


Description of Issue

Since April the ‘album dates for sorting’ setting is not respected. It always sorts on ‘Original release date’. Selecting ‘Release Date’ has no effect. 3 (I think) updates have come and gone, and it’s still not fixed. A fix would be appreciated! Thanks.