B75 ARC (roonmobile_earlyaccess_1.0.4-build4) - What is this Build?, It Doesn't Work

The subject line is the build in my ARC app. on iPhone 11, IOS 16.11. Seems like a different naming convention all together? I don’t see anything on it here in the board.

It doesn’t work. See snip with “Something went wrong” banner at bottom in white.

Thanks for any help/info on this.

I removed your photo as it displayed your email address.
You should edit it out and repost.


Cheers, @AceRimmer! Thanks!

I’m having a exact same issue. Playback is affected for me too, was able to play one album okay but others I’m getting a the loading circle and and eventual poor connectivity error, this is both on cellular and WiFi.

Another thing I’ve noticed is that recent activity seems to now be independent from Roon app - any recent or added music isn’t shown in the other app.

Same here. Core is running EA 1149. Both production arc as well as EA b75 show the same “something went wrong” error.
In core setup it tells me arc is able to connect to my core.

About ARC, there is an outage:

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Help is on the way:


Cheers, @RBM!

My situation is resolved as of this morning 7 am PST. ARC plays via data and wifi. Thanks again @RBM!

B75 continues to perform via wifi and data as expected. Thanks again, @RBM!

Hey @Joshua_Nelson – Thanks for the thanks, but be aware that moderators are just volunteer users weeding this community garden a bit – and in this I was just the messenger relaying the update from Roon.

But hey – glad it all works again as it should. :smiley:

Indeed @RBM . I think something was done, and was referred to in the thread,

  • The post I marked as solution with - “…we are working on this.”

…because I went from two days of 100% no streaming, to Arc working as expected after my post. Wanted to give some love for that, unless it was purely situational and on my side?

No, it was a broader problem – but save your love for Brian and the team. :stuck_out_tongue:

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