Background analyzing to start all over after update

Cool. Was almost there. Roon Server had been background analyzing my library for several weeks non almost reach the full tracks library.
Yesterday, Roon updated. Shouldn’t have trusted that…
I’m back to the beginning. Roon apparently deleted all the work been done, and has started to background analyze all over.

This is very very frustrating. And because the process hadn’t ended yet, i havent really been able to try Roon at al in the first place. I fear my 2 months trial period will be spent background analyzing, in stead of front end listening ;-(


Not sure I can offer anything here but would be keen to know the size of your library and the specs of the machine you are running. The timescale here seems excessive and hopefully these answers will enable some light to be shed on the problems you are having.


The only good reason for background analysis is when you want to use volume normalisation.

If that’s not the case, set it to analyse on demand and stop worrying.

i could do that of course, but is really is beside the point.

I had previously reported that Roon server started form scratch, every time Roon was started (eg after a nights power down of the Nas it runs on). To prevent that, i have left it running for the past few weeks.

Should have been more alert that an update also entails a restart…

Roon should start programming a bit better i feel. Background analyzing seems worth the trouble, so pleas make it robust.


well, the size is bigger than 20K :wink: nothing excessive though. Takes about 3-5k tracks per day.
My Nas doesn’t report any issues what so ever, and is well below resource trouble.
Could be the processor itself isn’t too powerful (Synology DS 1512+, 3gig ram, external 250gb SSD for the Roonserver database).


i upgraded to the latest stable 1.2 release and it didn’t initiate a total analyzation, it did take about 10 minutes to upgrade the database. 32Gb Xeon (virtualized debian) running on FreeNas 9.10.

A restart of the server should NOT cause the analysis to restart from scratch. See this post.

Frankly, I think the Roonies are doing a pretty good job with their programming. Perhaps the issue lies with your files or your setup?

Could this resolved bug in 154 force an analysis? Seems plausible.

From the release notes of build 154:

Elsewhere in this release, we’ve resolved a number of long-standing issues. A crossfading bug reported by a member last week led us to discover an issue related to analysis of files with sample rates that are multiples of 48k. This is now resolved, ensuring file analysis and crossfading works as designed for this content.

Thanks, maybe this helps yes. I do have my reservations though, since a lot of files are not 48k, or even 24 bit. Many of my files are simple cd rips, or even mp3’s.

Wont harm though, solving this. Fundamental i would think…


HI Mike,

the issue isn’t with updating the library, but with background analysis.
That is to say, I’ve had to force rescan several times.
The upgrade went alright updating the library, though it did take some extra time.

Background analysis hasn’t finished yet…

Strange thing is, while the folders watch has finished counting the tracks, the setup page numbers both still add up. And well it should, since it still hasn’t counted the full tracks in my library…

Still, its getting closer, and according to the post Geoff is referring to, it continues where it left of before the software upgrade, so im crossing fingers here.

not sure about my files being the culprit, they havent caused any issues the past 6 or so years, in many setups and programs/apps :wink: A bit easy.
anyways, without better feedback, we won’t be able to know, other than diving into the logs.

Apparent is that the tracks number shown on the setup page (analyzing: aa/bbb ) doesn’t match the total on the storage page, adding up all tracks. So there’s no easy way for the user to check what’s up.

I do believe the Roon team admitted this could be better, and is working in improving things here, in response to a request i made earlier.

My setup admittedly isn’t up to par with Roons rather heavy demands.


small update:
restarted Roon Server on the NAS to make it reindex my music. Now it did import them all.
Background analysis took off to analyse the last 18750 files? lets hope so.

the numbers are not easy to follow…

did read the Roon log in Synology, which shows this:

something is not responding, no idea what though, the logs don’t mention:

previous log showed an error about some older recordings being in Mono, and needing special attention, forgot to screenshot it though. An thought on that please?

Also, i found some error warnings in the logs about corrupt files. They do play on my other hardware however, and i don’t want to delete them. Can i just leave them and let Roon take care, or is some action required by the server/core/control or endpoint


I’ve had problems with background analysis too, since the update to 154.

The “total” number of files Roon indicates in the analysis section appears to be the total number of files that still need analysis, not the total number of files in my library. This is somewhat confusing, but not a big deal. What’s worse is that the analysis hangs. I used to be able to switch it off and back on to get it to continue, but that doesn’t seem to work now.

I do have a very large library (over 200k songs) and I was hoping to get the analysis completed so that the server’s resources would not be used for that while I’m listening to music. I suppose that On-Demand Audio Analysis will have to do for now.


I agree it is not a big deal, but still, it seems to indicate something is amiss, and i don’t like that…
Even when having corrupt files, Roon should be so robust to dismiss, or work around that. Maybe it is, and working around is taking its time, time will tell.

For now, Roon is at:

which means it has taken about 7 hours for 2270 tracks. Seems to be about the same speed as before, give or take 5-6k tracks per day, probably depending on length, bit/hz and errors…

As you can see analyzing doesn’t hang in my situation, but it isn’t very Fast either ;-(
My idea was the same, finish analyzing and free the resources for playing. I think i can put up with that for the next 2 days, and start really experiencing Roon with my ears.


2 days later, almost there…:

I bought an expensive Qnap TVS 471 as recommended by Roon, to overcome skipping problems and this still happens because there is a problem with Audio Analysis, which seems to be stuck. For a program as expensive as Roon, we should not be getting these problems. It should be a trouble free experience if we are expected to renew subscriptions.

[quote=“Peter_D_Castro, post:16, topic:12973”]
Audio Analysis, which seems to be stuck
[/quote]Hi, have you tried switch audio Analysis off and them back on … others have report that can kick start it back into action again. I know there are some improvements in the pipeline so that Roon more elegantly handles files that it has problems with. Watch this space.

I did try switching it on and off but it made no difference. I took a break and tried again and it worked. Analysis is progressing and no skips. Fingers crossed.

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