Backup failing to Dropbox and external hard drive

Hello. I must confess to being nowhere near as technical as most users on this site. My issue is simple. The scheduled Roon backup to my external hard drive and Dropbox no longer is working. Can anyone help explain in simple terms.

Not sure if it is simply pointing to the wrong folder.

Hi @Richard_Pratt — Thank you for the report and sharing your feedback with us. Both are very appreciated!

Moving forward, to help us get a better sense of what could be going here in regard to your scheduled backups, may I very kindly ask you for the following:

  • A brief but accurate description of your current setup using this link as a guide.

  • When you notice that backup has failed, are you receiving an error message in the application?

  • If you use the “backup now” feature, are you able to backup to mentioned locations OR does the process still fail?


Hi Eric. I am away from home at the moment.
I use Roon integrated within Innuos. And usb connection to a 6tb hard drive.
Not sure my speaker/amplification/dac/preamp set up are relevant.
It was working until about a month or so ago so not sure why it is failing now
Apologies for the hurried response but am at an airport lounge.
And yes the back up now fails
And yes I am receiving an error message (exclamation mark) in Roon. I tried to attach a scrim print but don,t seem able to

If you can provide a step by step run through of how to set up back up I can reconcile against what I have now

Hi @Richard_Pratt ---- Thank you for getting back to me. The follow up is greatly appreciated!

Moving forward, our knowledge base contains instructions on how we recommend setting up your automated backups in Roon. However, I get the sense that you may already be configuring things correctly as the setup/configuration process itself isn’t very arduous.

I would definitely recommend giving the provided link a read to confirm that everything is “in place”, but my gut feeling is that something else is going on here. When you have time next, could you please provide me with the following:

  • In regard to the external HD can you please confirm that you are able to access it outside of the application and make “changes” to it. For example creating new folders. This will help rule out any sort of permissions based issues.

  • In regard to your dropbox account, please confirm that there is enough free space left.

  • Please provide screenshots of the “scheduled backups” section of the “backups” tab. I want to see the exact settings being used and the locations that are listed as available by the application.

    (Path: Settings - > Backups - > Scheduled Backs ups “view” - > “add” - > “add scheduled back ups” (screenshot) - > backup location “browse” - > “choose folder to back up to” (screenshot))

  • Since noticing this behavior has anything changed in your setup?

  • Would you kindly please try to use the “backup now” feature once more to both dropbox and the mentioned external HD. Please note the time when the failures occur. Once you have provided me with this information I will enable diagnostics on your account and we can have a closer look into this behavior.