Backup from a Innuos Mini

I made a couple years ago a backup from my computer succefully, but now i need to do it from the streamer, Innuos Zen mini, and i don´t know how to do it.
I tried to do it from the computer, using it as core, but logically, the playlists aren´t complete.
I´m need to do it, just to prevent an accident or a change in a near future.
Thanks a lot.

You should be able to setup a share on another comouter, and them backup to that share.

See also:

Thanks Daniel,
You´re right.
I did it already, i have now a new roon backup, but now i don´t know (remember…) how to copy it for an external device (pendrive).


The backup(s) should be in under folder on the PC’s drive, for example RoonBackups. You should be able to copy that folder and everything in it to an external drive.

Yes, something is wrong here.
I´ve an old backup folder in my pen drive, now, with the pen connected in, after the backup the rewritten folder doesn’t apear, just the old one.

I would have moved the old backup OFF the drive before copying the new version, to make sure that no copy issues had occured.

I´m very sorry, Daniel,
It´s turnning a nightmare to me, because of my ignorance, i´m sure.
I did it already, i moved off the old backup but i don´t know how to put the pen drive as a the folder to copy to.
In the “add a network share” i put \zenmini\unsorted, but i need something more to send the backup.
Otherwise i´m making backups after backups but only in the roon.
Please, be patient with me.

HI Rogerio,

No problem. I am not official Roon support, fyi, just a friendly fellow user. If you want to engage Roon support then, I can move this thread to the Support section where they will see it.

I am assuming you are were using a PC (not the innuos) and you are setting Roon up to backup to that PC (not the innuos) and you are then moving the backup from the PC to the external drive using that PC’s file manager.

The way you would do that is: 1. Setup a share on the other PC (how depends on the OS). 2. Make sure the Innuos is the Core. 3. Under backup, select Backup Now, select location, and then you are going to add the Share Location on the other PC as the backup location 4. Backup will then backup Roon database to the location ON the other PC. 5. After that you can use that PC to copy the backup to an external drive.

If you are backing up to the Innuos and trying to copy from the Innuos to an external drive attached to the Innuos, or, copy from the Innuos to a different PC, then you should probably as mentioned above, contact Innuos on how to copy data on/from their OS and devices.

That´s exactly what i´m doing in the last couple of hours, without success.
Innuos is the core, but i can´t get a location that fits roon requierements.
Maybe the share i made inthe mac is not right.

Are you following some of the suggestions in this faq?

It is about setting up a location for Roon to watch, but, it should be the same in setting a location for Roon to back up to.


Yes i am.
But i´m doing something wrong, isn´t working.
I spent hours doing it, step by step, and i couldn´t achieve a proper folder name to add.
I´ll stop this a bit and retry later on.
I´m *f@c#!! with this.
Sorry Daniel, you´ve been a great friend.

Rogerio, I’ve been struggling with same problem but after many attempts (like you!) I think I’ve cracked it.
My Roon Core is on my ZenMini. I created a Roon endpoint on my PC which I can now see in Settings-Audio.
I created a folder named RoonBackups on my PC and set it up as a shared folder.
In +Add Network share, for the destination I typed \DESKTOP-XXXXXX\RoonBackups, where XXXXXXX is the number of your computer. I then used my Microsoft Account password and no more red unexplained error message. So now, when I select Backup I have the above created destination folder listed in addition to Dropbox. However, when I tried to back up to this folder just now it asked me for a folder name (?!!) and, so far, I have not been able enter something without getting a red flag. So only halfway there!

Hi Geoff,

I´m affraid I did the same thing over the thousands of attempts, but i´ll try your way, step by step, and we´ll see. If i´ll find the way to solve the second part of the problem, i´ll let you know.
Thanks so much.


His directions were for windows, I thought you were using a mac?

Yes, i´m.
Am i doing something wrong?

Rogerio, I’ve solved my problem. See: Accessing the music folder on my PC

Hi Rogerio,

I have moved your posts to the Support thread where Roon support will see it and interact.


Thanks a lot, Daniel.

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Hi @Rogerio_Boldt

Just to recap and make sure I’m understanding correctly:

  • Your current Core machine is an Innuos Zen Mini
  • You want to make a backup from the Innuos and have it stored on your Mac
  • You’re trying to add the Mac folder as a location on the Innuos but it is failing

Is that correct? Assuming so, the first thing we need to do is verify that the folder is shared correctly so it can be accessed by the Innuos.

Can you share a screenshot of the macOS share settings for this folder?