Backup is not working


Backup is suddenly not working. The “backups” page in “settings” is blank.

Please help!


Restart your Roon Core and see if that helps.

Cheers, Greg

That was the first thing I did. No. It was not helping. I had to sign-in again adter each restart, which has never happened before.

Could you describe your current setup using this link as a guide.

I’ll tag @support to help you out.

Cheers, Greg

Macbook pro with 8gb of ram runing os10.13.6. Roon 1.5 built 363. Music files are stored on an external usb drive. Everything was fine until an hour ago. The last thing I did was to change the backup period to 2000 days because I wanted to manually do it— could this be the cause my problem?

I forgot to mention when I restarted there was a prompt saying files have not been backed up and then I followed a “get started” link only to see a blank page.

Hello @PPP,

I do believe that the issue here was setting the backup period to 2000 days.
I will follow up with you via PM on next steps.


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