Backup - severe issue[Ticket in]

I’m facing an odd behaviour of my backup. It seems Roon make a snapshotting every 2 minutes. See attached screen shot. It never done this before and it’s very annoying because this screen comes up everytime. In my general backup setting I’ve set it for every 30 days so it’s a bit odd.

I’m running 1.3 ver 259, 64 bit on Mac. The Core is on my MAcbook Pro and Music folder is on my Qnap T-251 NAS.

Anyone knowing anything about this?

Screen shot


Can you post a screenshot of your backup settings?

(Screenshot instructions at the end of this post)

Hi Mike

Here we go.

We are aware of this issue, would you mind to use the temporary workaround: delete current scheduled backup in Roon ( it won’t delete your backups ) and re-add it with all settings identical to the previous one except backup period - set it to 25 days or less.


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Seems like it did the trick. So is it because I deleted the old one, or was it the fact that changing to something less than 30 days that made it work?


The later - 26+ days is broken at the moment :frowning:

I can live with 25 days and not 30. It’s not a life changing thing :slight_smile: