Bandwidth to stream MQA

What bandwidth down/upload is required to stream MQA 96kHz 24 bit?


Similar to a CD standard, that’s the point. I don’t have numbers though

I have 50 mbps from U-Verse and it works well with Tidal MQA as well as Qobuz 24/192. Everything is ethernet so no skips or issues at all.

From the 2nd link in the post referenced -
MQA still requires relatively high bandwidth for streaming, if the bitrate of the provided music samples is any indication—averaging 1600Kbps in my experience, exceeding uncompressed CD and over double the bandwidth of Tidal’s 700Kbps FLAC offering. MQA cannot operate at the 320Kbps rate used by the BBC’s best HLS streams, although there is vague talk of semi-lossy bit-stripping to hit 700Kbps…

I measure 3.5-4.0 Megabit/s when streaming Mqa. 0.5MegaByte pr sec. 30 Megabyte pr minute.

Flac is the same as CD, 1.6Megabit/s. 0.2 Megabyte/s, 10-12 Megabyte per minute.

Mqa bandwith windows 10, Roon:

We live rural so our internet comes over the cell phone network, giving download speeds varying between 1 and 20 Mbps, but averaging around 10Mbps. No problem streaming Tidal MQA ~95% of the time.

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I have 10/10mbit and getting error as Tidal media is loading slowly. This may indicate network…

The maximum bandwidth required to transmit an MQA file – if there were no benefits from compression – is the same as that needed for 2 channels of 24-bit 48kHz PCM. i.e. 2.3Mbit/s. However, MQA is delivered with FLAC compression, so it will typically be less than this.

This assumes no inefficiencies or other funnies in the player.

in that case why am I gettin a network issue? thanks

Because it doesn’t matter what you have (bought from your ISP), but what you get when you download/stream from Tidal. Also often the name servers were reported as a source of possible problems. Feel free to open a support ticket and fill out the template if you need assistance.

i think NS i use are google and opendns ones. No clue how can one control speed of down/stream from Tidal.

I would say it isn’t immediately possible to say because there is no equivalent sized streams available from Tidal for comparison. That means that it could be network bandwidth or it could be processing capability if you choose to decode at the core. But it is quite conceivable that you are unfortunate enough to be able to stream CD quality FLAC but not have the extra bandwidth required for reliable streaming of MQA.

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Do you have anything else using bandwidth while listening to music?

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