Banned Tracks/Artists Not Recognized as Banned in ARC [Ticket In]

Hi @JAM,

To clarify, it seems we didn’t communicate that the team has an ongoing internal investigation into this Roon Radio issue. We don’t have a timeline to resolution but it’s been escalated to development, so please don’t feel you’ve been crying into the void unheard.

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Thank you, Connor. I appreciate your responding and hope there are fixes coming to Roon Radio very soon.

Roon Core Machine

windows 10
i7 7700k cpu
gtx 1080 ti gpu
16gb ddr4 ram

arc running on samsung galaxy s10e phone
one ui version 4.1
android version 12

Networking Gear & Setup Details

core connected via eithernet to linksys wrt 1900 ac router
arc on wifi or 4g lte
both core pc and phone on nord vpn with meshnet on

Connected Audio Devices

core pc is connected via usb to rme adi 2 dac fs

acr is on samsung galaxy s10e
issue happens through headphone jack or speakers
or ldac bluetooth to fiio btr5
or usb to fiio btr5

Number of Tracks in Library

29652 tracks

Description of Issue

i know there is a similar support topic here but it has shifted more towards a different issue about roon radio which i don’t use and don’t care about so i’m starting this new topic in hopes that at least this issue can be fixed.

anyway, like the title says, the roon arc android app does not recognize any of my banned tracks in my library. i have a lot of banned tracks like the instrumental versions at the end of kpop albums. when i listen to these and it gets to the banned tracks at the end, arc just plays them as if they weren’t banned at all. i suspect that roon is not syncing any banned track info between my core and arc. this happens whether the albums are downloaded or streaming. offline mode on or off.

this has been an issue since the first build of roon 2.0 and arc 1.0 but i just updated my core to the latest build of roon on pc version 2.0 (build 1143) and my phone to the latest version of roon arc 1.0.24 build 100064 on android and tested again but the bug is still there.

Can you explain a little more what you mean by “banned track”? I’m not sure I understand, unless you mean an Explicit track.

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in regular roon app on pc click on the heart next to a track once to like it and then another time to ban it

@satanicballerina, thank you, and I see what you mean. I turned off a track in Roon and it did play in ARC. I am tagging @support for them to look into this.

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@Robert_F ok thank u! hopefully they can get that working cuz it’s a great feature. appreciate u!

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Hi @satanicballerina, @Robert_F

Thank you for the report and for your patience in waiting for an official staff response.

We’ve indeed identified a bug in ARC related to Banned track status; just as you’ve reported, ARC isn’t recognizing tracks as Banned in all circumstances.

We have a ticket in for this issue and I will post it here once it’s resolved and available in an update.


Hi everyone,

I’ve merged these threads for clarity. Please see my previous post for a status update on this issue.

There is unfortunately not a fix for this issue in today’s release of Roon/ARC, but the ticket is a priority for the team. I’ll post here once we’re ready to implement the solution. I understand this is a frustrating issue for users who rely on the Banned Tracks feature in Roon and expect it to function in ARC accordingly.


Thank you @connor

Hi everyone,

Thank you for your patience here. This ticket continues to make progress, so while we don’t have a precise timeline to share, we should be on track to release a fix within the next several builds. As usual, I will post here when we have a firm date.

Hi everyone,

Please accept our apologies for the auto-closure of this thread. We have a ticket in the pipeline that should prevent Banned tracks from queueing in ARC; I’ll post an update as soon as we have a timeline and more information.

Latest update software release notes for “1.0 (build 138) production” says “Resolved case where bans made in Roon weren’t reflected in ARC” but it’s definitely not resolved for me even after updating on Android and core. Tracks I have had banned in Roon STILL queue for me as if they’re not banned at all in ARC. Still works like it should on remote for Android and PC app but not on ARC