BBC World Service Stream non functioning in Roon

BBC World Service Stream non-functioning in Roon running on Nucleus Plus.

Hi @BrianW,

Have continuing problem with streaming BBC World Service via Roon.
All of the other BBC stations on the same platform work fine on Roon but the following url no longer works for me despite working perfectly when pasted into a browser.

Searching for the station in Roon offers the same url address with the same problem.

Any suggestions?

It’s working fine for me from the US:

Have you tried the other stream for the station (48kps)?
Have you tried rebooting/restarting your server? or network? might need a refresh?

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Working fine for me too in UK.

As well as bearFNF’'s suggestions, try clearing DNS cache

Thx for the responses, much appreciated.
Unfortunately clearing cache makes no difference still get “Unable to play this station. It’s address may have changed or it may be temporarily unavailable”

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How long have you had the problem? Has something happened in your system?

Did you try the 48k stream?

What is Roon running on?

I’ve added a MP3 stream that works for me (but I am in the UK) - see if that works

All three streams are working for me here in the US.

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Just to round up.
The Mp3 stream works - Hooray thank you so much ! (Sounds s**t but hey)
Still don’t understand why the AAC streams no longer work on this station for me in the UK (since 2-3 months) but all of the other BBC AAC streams work perfectly (as do all other streams).
Did BBC change this stream to international only?

Running Nucleus Plus (current software) connected via Netgear switch to Linksys Velop system.
Devices: Devialet Expert Pro (RAAT?Devealet Air/Airplay wired) , Wiim (RAAT/Airplay wireless), Dynaudio Music speakers, Sonos Beam (Airplay wireless)
The issue is consistent across all devices for this station.

Be nice to know for future reference.

Thx All

The URL in question points to a playlist containing a redirected URL. I have added this alternative URL to the station,

Can you try that?

No, I can play it here in UK.

Yes the alternative stream works ! Running AAC around 100kbps
Thank you so much. Really appreciated.

By the look of the url this may have a different cached route to the ISP (Community Fibre)?
Very odd that this one and the MP3 streams both work and the AAC ones don’t (except for all the other BBC stations).
Nevertheless I’m happy and v grateful.

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Then I think the problem does lie in your DNS cache.

What dns is your nucleus using? See this help article to show the webui.

This link may help

Just to swing back on this.
Stopped Roonserver, deleted all the subfolders from RoonServer/Cache and restarted.
All radio stations play and everything else seems to work as before.
All BBC 320kbps stations start instantly except…

The MP3 stream you added earlier plays after 20 secs as per earlier post.
48 kbps AAC World Service stream still does not play
I still get a AAC 96k stream after 20 secs as per earlier post but I suspect this is the akamized pool stream added earlier rather than a reinstatement of the standard stream.
(I can’t tell from the Signal Path button, not sure if there is another way of checking which url is actually playing/streaming)

I can live with the 20 sec delay but would be interesting to know if this is a problem specific to my system/internet provider.

Once again thx for your helpful responses.

And rebooted?

Hi Brian
Yes have rebooted again and behaviour is still as per last msg.
48kbps AAC stream gives me a 96kbps stream.
I’m assuming this is the Akamai’d stream you recently added after 20 secs delay.
Does Roon seek out the highest ‘available’ stream from the selection when the requested stream is not available?
The MP3 stream again works after 20 sec delay.

The 20s delay is probably because Roon will attempt to connect to every stream listed for the station (irrespective of which stream you chose to play) before playing your desired one (if possible).

So you are still stumbling over (at least one of) those original BBC URLs.

Could you show a screenshot of the webui? - it will confirm which DNS server you are using.

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