Been thru Heck with this support would be nice

Well since they shut down my other thread for no given reason, and two support guys write me then disappear TWICE, thought I would try a new avenue to get my library back in order. Though at this point I may be done paying Roon all this money and just sell the Nucleus and move to Audivarna or back to iTunes.
I’m not going to go thru the whole mess I’ve been thru…so starting a new process that I thought would/should just work but it doesn’t. I need to delete an artist folder full of music I have hand curated so I can replace it with the correct data; tracks and artwork etc. I just tested this and it is not working:
I go to Nucleus/Internal Storage/Music Folder/Artist and delete an album. I then re-add the album from an external folder where I know the data etc is correct. Go back to Roon and the album is more messed up than it was before. Tracks missing. Tracks split up onto another album that is listed as ''new" and has some image I’ve never seen before as the cover art, etc etc.
I mean if I delete an album from storage and it is gone, how upon putting an album back in does not work correctly? What am I missing here? Surely this should not be so difficult? Thanks for any input.

I don’t know what has been answered/discussed in your previous topics, but here are my 2 cents.

In order to delete an album from Roon, you actually have to delete it in Roon first. Roon will than to a ‘hard’ delete of your music tracks at your music storage
As Roon only deletes tracks, it is up to the user to delete remaining data (picuures, …) himself.
Then you should be able to load your new album in a watched folder to pick it up.

If I understand you well, Roon is still having (some of) the old tracks in its library.
Please make sure you have a real backup, outside your watched folders before doing anything else.
Then try to delete the new album you added last in Roon. As explained above, Roon will delete the physical tracks!

Now you should be able to delete the old album (the one you wanted to replace).
If that does not work, try to group the remaining tracks using track grouping. To do so select all the involved tracks and click on Edit at the right top of your screen.
This should enable you to reconstitute the original album.
Then you can try to delete this album in Roon.
If that works, you can proceed loading the new album, as explained above.
Hope this helps


If you want Roon to use your metadata on import, you need to specify that in import settings. If you need to do a bulk replace in a watched folder, I’d suggest disable it first, replace the contents and, when the replace is complete, re-enable the watched folder. It might even be a good idea to clean up the library/database before re-enable.

I delete albums using the file system of the computer the albums are store on. I don’t do it through Roon. Then, I go into Roon to Settings->Library->Clean Up Library, check all three boxes, and hit “Clean Up Library”. That will remove the albums from the Roon database. That last step is critical.

Then I would add the albums back to the Library and let Roon process them. Under Library, there is “Import Settings” which allows you to adjust how tags are used. So look at that before you add the albums back to the Roon Music folder.

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@Speed_Racer, that’s the same method I use. Never had a problem with it. Like you said, it’s key to do the cleanup.

Pretty sure that is how I did it. Though I might have added the albums back then cleaned up. I had already set the tags and prefs. Will try this again thanks.

Nope. Still has tracks missing that are in the folder that I imported.
I deleted the album from the roon system folder. Did a clean up. Added album back. Tags are set to file preferred. Still missing tracks on the album. Gawd this is annoying.

I will try that thanks.

Do the missing tracks show up under Settings->Library->Skipped Files??

Yes. Says they are corrupt but they play fine from both folders; in roon folder and out of roon folder. so I deleted just one of those tracks, renamed it, imported it again, cleaned up library, and it is still missing from inside Roon library. Now what?

What do you mean they play “fine”. From other programs just not Roon?

Yes outside of Roon I can play the files just fine. So why is Roon saying they are corrupt?

Probably because they are corrupt. Where did you get the files? So stop trying to get Roon to import the files as they are because Roon never will.

You could use another program to convert the files to a different container and back and see if that fixes them. Like from FLAC to ALAC back to FLAC. I’d use dBpoweramp if you have it…

These particular ones are mp3 so I will convert them to Apple lossless or something and see what happens

Some software will ignore a ‘bad’ container if it can still make sense of the content, so in some cases you will be able to get corrupt files to play depending on what’s actually corrupt…

What files are we talking about?
What software did you use to correct the metadata?

These ones are mp3 and a bootleg so it’s possible. I use Kid 3 for tagging

Well now here is something weird…when I delete the album from inside Roon then go to the folder on the system…the missing tracks are the only ones there. WTH?

Roon didn’t know about the missing tracks, so it didn’t delete them.


I know from my own experience that when I first imported my iTunes library to Roon a fair few albums/tracks were listed as corrupt but they would play in iTunes (maybe some of them would stutter or skip).

I had to re-rip the corrupt CD’s to get them to play nice with Roon.

Now you know why I delete albums using the file system and not Roon!