Best CD ripping drive available TODAY on Amazon?

The current thread about ripping 10k CDs inspired me to ask as I want to attempt to finish ripping my collection. I am about 600 down and 1500 to go.

What is the best ripping drive available today on Amazon USA? I am using an old LG which is at least 10 years old.

Have a read of this…


dbpoweramp all the way. A great program.

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But not a hardware device :grinning:

Download a trial of dBpoweramp and try this with your drive using a selection of CDs from excellent to poor condition. If you get an AccurateRip from these then there’s no need to change.


But dbpoweramp gives you confirmation that you have an accurate ‘rip’, irrespective of your own personal drive, by comparing it to their database of previous rips.
Hence why the drive itself that is used is (almost) irrelevant.


Maybe I need to clarify my opening post.

I have been a long time user of dbPoweramp since getting my Linn KDS back in 2011 (actually ran it under Parallels before a Mac version came out) and beta tested the initial Mac version.

My current LG drive has no problem ripping with confirmation from the Accurate Rip data base

Most of the drives on the recommended list are internal or unavailable

I simply want to buy a new external drive.

Recommendations please?

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I bought some fairly basic external BluRay drives for my ripping. USB3 interface (if your PC supports it) and you can run 3 or more at the same time using dBPowerAmp on Windows. Makes the process pretty speedy but you need to keep an eye on which window is which drive.

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I also own a Linn KDS/3.
The external drive is largely irrelevant. Just make sure that dbpoweramp is working correctly, and as long as your external drive isn’t completely f****d, you’ll be fine.

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Maybe you can take a look here

Thank you for the article!

KDS/1>/2>/3 and LP12 into Naim 552/500.


I have the Pioneer BDR-XD05B on that list. It has worked well for me.

I got a cheap (~$30) LG dvd drive (" LG Electronics 8X USB 2.0 Super Multi Ultra Slim Portable DVD Rewriter External Drive"). It works great with dbPoweramp.

My reason for going cheap was a) I don’t use it much, and b) I wore out the cd-rom drive in my pc while ripping about 750 cds years ago. Maybe they are better now, but after that I consider them disposable.

The CD oversampling regime when ripping ensures a good copy , I had a Linn Karik and asked Linn how to use it to rip the said don’t bother get a cheap and cheerful CD drive and wreck that rather than the expensive Karik mechanism

Ironically I had some damaged CD’s that wouldn’t play BUT they ripped fine and now play fine

I used a LG Blu Ray drive but that was because I was ripping my video collection too

There is only one comment I have to offer: I have ripped over 6000 CDs using various drives. I keep a Sony, an LG, and a Pioneer at the ready. Why three? Not for multitasking, though an 8 core processor might be able to handle that without an issue. I keep them because I’ve experienced variations in outcomes on AccurateRip verification. Same disc /different drives. Handy to have different drives. Has saved me from discarding a disc or two as flawed. Big help if you’re ripping from used stock.


I have 4 LG drives for sale from a recent 3500 CD ripping project, one of them is new in the box. They worked well, would use again but I’m not expecting to have any more big ripping projects.

Big discount over Amazon, plus faster shipping since Amazon has delayed most 3rd party shipping until mid-April.

PM me if interested

I have one of these - excellent drive.

If you get one of the newer Pioneer drives, the software downloaded from Japan lets you control how the drive handles errors. This has been vital in dealing with a variety of quality issues and older/used CDs.

I highly recommend this drive:

Thanks for that info and your reply.

Thanks for the updates to this thread.
I will have a look at the recently suggested drives

There is a Mac beta of dbPoweramp which now allows ripping with multiple drives. Before this functionality was only available with the Windows version