Best linear power supply for Nucleus now?

I wouldn’t advise using one for a Nucleus+.

Why, can you tell?

It is maximum 2.5 amps current capability. You need to be looking at 3.5 amps to take care of an A variant Nucleus+. Potentially more for a B variant.


Yep, 5 amps is the ideal output for Nucleus+ power supply. This is what my custom LPS was designed to produce.

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Without any comment

That’s just trolling. :rofl:

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Well I compared a few power supplies - and the effects depend on the device powered. So if it’s a streamer, switch, NAS/PC etc.
There certain possibilities to „sound“ meaning adapting the sound to your preferences by choosing what you prefer.
Just can tell the Super3 is an outstanding overall / allround power supply. And you can even improve its performance by using a better power and DC cable.

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Hi Markus,
As mentioned I am running a Farad Super 3 for the Nucleus Plus, with a Synergestic Research Orange, upgraded power cord by Farad, the level 2 DC copper cable and the Furutech intake connection. Pretty upgraded version :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

I now ordered the new Farad 10 as a replacement, with the SR Purple fuse and the rest of the stuff. When it comes in and tested, I will let you know my experiences with it.


That sounds amazing - very much looking forward to hear your impressions of the Super10.

I am running several Super3 (all with SR Purple, Furutech inlet and Level 2 DC cable - in copper and silver) on a Audioquest Niagara 5000.
What really very much contributes to the performance is the power cable used - having AQ Monsoon up to AQ Dragon Source which is exciting to follow.

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The HDPlex 300W LMPS supplies are in stock in Asia and other locations are coming soon.

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