Best linear power supply for Nucleus now?

If you care to read about the technology behind the Teddy Pardo power supplies, you will see that they state that with their circuit design the output quality does not degrade as the capacitors age:

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I’m not implying anything about the TP design, but more so the fact that burn out is never mentioned in the burn in argument and that things just don’t keep getting better and better the longer you use them as your post could be taken as saying.

Power supplies do make a difference, often a very noticeable one. And a good design is better than an average one. No arguments there from me. Lots of options out there for people to try for sure. I’m going to leave it at that.

I never stated that “things keep getting better and better the longer you use them”. I merely reported Teddy Pardo’s claim that the sound quality of their power supplies would improve over the course of the first 30 days. You’re twisting this around to mean something else.

Your text not TeddyPardo…

I was stating that what I heard agreed with what Teddy Pardo claimed about the initial improvement in sound quality during the first month. Again, I did not say that “things keep getting better and better the longer you use them.” You seem to be intent on taking this thread in a negative direction and I have no further interest in arguing about it.

As far as I’m concerned, since you already stated “over the period of a month” in the sentence preceding the quoted sentence, your intended meaning is clear to me. But then, the beauty of human language is that it can be ambiguous so we have computer programming languages…


And to that my point is that nobody talks about what happens after the improvements…

@Gerald_Schrader My apologies if I sounded like I was being personal. It was not my intention. Anyway based on your positive TP feedback I might venture to try one of his designs too.

While you did not say things keep getting better and better it could be implied by the whole burn in debate (not just in this thread but all over the hifi context of burn in), that this is what perhaps happens and that there is no negative trend to the performance improvements over time. That is the point I am trying to make.

This is reasonable, considering he offers a 2 week no questions asked returns policy.

“All our products are sold with a no quibble policy of fully satisfied, or return for refund within 14 calendar day of reception.”

Let it play for a week, then have a critical listen.

If someone is not happy after 1 week, send it back for a full refund. Can’t complain.

As someone who has previously taken advantage of his returns policy I can say that it was hassle free and exemplary.

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And what was the return reason? Just out of interest :stuck_out_tongue:

Hi Peter, thanks for the link. Within the thread, I did spot this from Alpinist: “I have the P8 on my Roon Nucleus Plus…” so one of the OPs did have the P8 connected to a Nucleus. I am enjoying the Keces P8 and it’s really increased the joy of my music.

I was experimenting with different PSUs but found this resulted in a sound that was rather ‘bright’. After subsequent discussions with both Teddy and Paul Hynes I came to the conclusion my DAC was actually the weak link and replaced it, giving me the improvement I was looking for.

Hi @dhusky

Which DAC do you have now?

Lumin D2 - don’t want to hijack the OP’s thread though, was just reinforcing what a pleasure it was to deal with Teddy Pardo.

Price increase on April 1 according to a dealer.

So what happens when you get landed with import tax and you have to send it back does he refund that to? I just got stung importing a psu from Hong Kong via AliExpress. Not big money but if I had to return it, I doubt I would recoup that from the vendor.

anyone have any experience with LPSs from kenneth lau? he seems to be a boutique builder of what look to be high quality LPSs ?


If you are importing you are responsible for import duties. That statement is on most eBay auctions for Chinese goods. It is the risk you take in return for saving on importers mark ups and profit margins.

I am looking at this unit, Can you confirm that the Nucleus uses the 5.5mm/2.5mm connection?
Their site states that it works with 110v or 220v. Is there a switch on the unit to choose the voltage, or did you order a voltage specific unit? I don’t see the voltage option on their website and the picture of the rear panel on their site does not appear to have a switch to change voltage.

Thomas, yes I can confirm that 5.5mm/2.5mm is the correct size. Danny @Roon also stated that himself in this post:

Regarding line voltage, there is no switch. They configure the power supply appropriately based on the voltage in use in your country. This is what Teddy Pardo says:

“Our products can be set to work as 110-120V or 220-240V. If you don’t specify anything, the voltage will be set according to the voltage in your country. If you require different voltage please specify it in your order.”