Best SQ inexpensive Roon endpoint?

Bluesound products might be worth a look. The Node 2i is about $500 (new). A smartphone could work, too. Or a used Apple iPod Touch / iPad Mini. These are all more expensive than some of the suggestions above … but the balance of “best” and “inexpensive” is hard to pin down.

You can buy from Mobile Fun out of UK

Tom thanks I have a couple IPads that’s very interesting good idea

Anyway of connecting AppleTVs HDMI and strip out audio I have some of those 1080P versions

Just be aware Chromecast have a known bug that keeps high-res audio from playing properly. This will not be fixed since it is officially discontinued.

I have 2 Chromecast and have to limit the playback to 16/44, good enough for the kitchen and work shop.

Well this is interesting, screwdriver in the front spokes of the bicycle as we say !

Yet I’ve seen and independent report that recorded 192/24 I think or better. It was provided early in this thread by another mate.

Did you measure it how do you know , which firmware are you using ?

Thank Jason

Second Generation unit shows good performance is it possible you have a Gen 1?

Does anyone have info to help here validate performance on gen 2 units or Jason’s performance?

I have 2 AppleTVs hooked up as Roon endpoints. Each one goes via HDMI out to a TV, then the TV is connected by analog/optical to audio gear. If you have an AV receiver (which I don’t) I suppose you could connect the ATV’s HDMI directly to that. ATV also gives you an Airplay access point, for Pandora or whatever, as well as the AppleTV’s own menu controls for various apps.

An AppleTV with ~32" TV and a soundbar/soundbox
could make a fairly decent AV satellite system (and Roon endpoint) for a guest BR, office/study, or whatever.

Yes, it has a terrific 3.5mm analog out which is great with most headphones.

By coincidence, the day after my post, Darko produced a post explaining the exact same use of the LG phone.

There are some unresolved audio problems with Roon using the quad-DAC on the LG, so that may be an issue for you.

The LG phones also have very nice FM tuners in them too, so not only is it an excellent DAC, headphone amp, streamer, and controller, but also a full-fledged FM tuner. Oh, and you can check your email on it, use it as a camera, and run every single Android app too.

Honestly, it’s value is unbeatable.

Chromecast Audio is a good sounding DAC/Streamer and for the $35 they were asking it was a no-brainer. They didn’t always play well with Roon though, often being unavailable in Roon despite being available everywhere else. I think having a high-performance server, with hardwired ethernet and used only for Roon would resolve most of those issues, but that’s a lot to ask.

With an external (optical) DAC it’s as good sounding as your DAC, so the sky’s the limit there, as long as you don’t need DSD or MQA.

But, it’s discontinued so I wouldn’t recommend building a system around it, if you can even find one to buy.

Yes I agree with you on the Chrome Cast comments but as you I experiment and often switch things out. I was able to get my hands on Chrome units new from a UK web group Mobile Fun -$35 to your door so for the ability to plug this little puck into an amp and run is very appealing!

Someone in the mix here said that CCA could not get turned on for the hi res model due to software problems ( his system) I was wondering if there was a Gen 1 and Gen2 before the project was shut down

You phone idea was cool but not going that way with LG, I’m sure your correct about the value

I use a DEQX for preamp and DSP for my active system and Roon is outstanding debating the lifetime membership

I too use a Raspberry Pi except with a Boss 1.2 top hat.


multiple Raspberry Pi here too and Ropieee plus various HATS including IQAudIO DigiAMP+, DACPro and Allo Piano 2.1 and a lot of RPi’s also using USB DACs or other HiFi connections like Emotiva XMC-1 via USB

Good suggestions!

Mr Fix it can you recommend a HAT with DAC And XLR low noise

Second a HAT with DAC and RCA low noise

IQAudIO make dac hats with balanced if you are ok with a little diy IQAudIO will maybe be the cheaper option. I’m ok with Diy so my preferred option. IQAudIO might bundle and assemble if you ask @Gordon_Garrity

Allo have turn key stuff as does but it’s much more expensive…quality wise YMMV

Thank you for the advice and specifics, I’m going to work with IQAudIO that’s perfect. The specs are very good to with the ability to provide balanced outputs !!

I’ll contact Gordon for the final kit ordering advice !

Which software do you like for Roon on your systems : RoPieee + ?

Outstanding Mr Fix It !!


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Ropieee all the way for my pi’s…dietpi on the allo sparky as no choice. The allo’s sit basically unused…one with kali and piano 2.1 and the other a usbridge. The pi’s are all IQAudIO or just hatless usb to usb devices and some with displays too.

All IQAudIO equipment ordered


Thanks for your experience sharing


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Good luck with the build…we are here to help if you need it.